1. How does the HobbyTwin app work?


A. Tell us what you know and/or like doing when free.


We will match you with neighbors, classmates, and colleagues, within 10-miles, anywhere you go in the world, who would like to learn/go do that skill with you!  

B. Tell us what you would like to learn


We shall match you with other hobbytwins within 10-miles, anywhere in the globe, to do that skill with when free

2. How do I add a new hobby and tags for instant matching?

It is simple: Just add a hobby/skill/activity or an instrument name and at least 4 tags: Start typing the activity name in the app’s “Hobby Tags” field (#nospaces) and automatically get at least 5 top-tags already being used by other HobbyTwin users around you!)

P.S! All the activities under “Tagged Hobbies” have at least 5-top tags each, and you can add any new activity not yet in the system!!
You can try to use the same tags-extension approach or send us a message recommending what to add.

3. How about the categories?

The category you select doesn’t matter and as long as you have at least 3 matches we will still match you.
However, try selecting the category you think a hobby belongs to.
E.g. Golfing is more to the “Sports” than t0 “Outdoors” category.

4. How many matches do I get?

You get as many matches as possible for every skill, within a 10-mile radius, as long as they have joined the hobbytwin network.


5. How far away are my matches?

All matches (Those interested in what you know, and those who can teach/mentor you) are within a 10-mile radius, anywhere you go around the globe.

6. How do I get matches into the same hobby activities I love when I relocate to a new city or College? 

It is simple, just click on your profile settings and click on “Detect New Location.” The app will detect your new location, and match you with users who have listed the same hobby skills as either “Teach” or “Learn” hobbies in your area.
It will be like you never moved!

For every skill, you can also filter your matches according to Location, age-group, gender, and distance from you.


7. What happens when a hobby match accepts my lesson request?

When a match accepts your lesson request, The following steps happen instantaneously:

a. Both of you are instantly added to each other’s “Twins” list; with the request sender as the “student”, and the recipient of the request as the /”teacher”.

b.The system opens a communication channel that allows you to Direct Message (DM) each other.

c. Both of you (teacher and student) get the ability to add each other to groups for a new hobby skill.
d.  Both parties can see each other’s posts, plus like and even comment on them.

e. Once you become twins, Any party can invite the other to a lesson that is in their “Teach” skills, and other the other’s “Learn” skills. See screenshot below:

8. Can I share pics and videos with my twins?
Yes, you can share pictures and even videos while doing the skills you love with your hobbytwin network, but every share must be related to a skill. The system will be requesting that you select what skill you are posting for, and it must be a skill that already exists on either your “Know/Teach” or “Learn” hobbies list.

9. Does every post have to be related to a skill in my Teach or Learn list?
Yes. Please remember that this is fun skills sharing and learning network; hence, every post you add has to be related to either a skill you already know/do or would like to find a match to do it with. That is why even the homepage displays what skill that post is related to (See “Hobby Name 1” on the image below).

P.S! Your twins can report your post if they feel it is inappropriate or irrelevant to the listed skill, to which HobbyTwin can Suspend or Terminate the infringing account immediately. See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use on the rights maintained by the HobbyTwin service in dealing with infringing material.

9. Can I report and block inappropriate or objectionable content from other users?

Yes. In fact, We encourage users to report any content that they feel is inappropriate or irrelevant to the hobby skill in question.

You can also report any objectionable content, and even block all news/all posts from any user who you feel violates the Terms and Conditions of the HobbyTwin service, OR block all posts/all news from a user whose content displeases you.

Once you report a post, you will no longer see it in your feed, and HobbyTwin support will also get a notification regarding that specific post and take the necessary action. HobbyTwin could either ask the user to take the post down, suspend or ban them from the service altogether.

See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use on the rights maintained by the HobbyTwin service in dealing with infringing material.


Hobbytwin is a hobby and fun skills matching & sharing social network. Let us respect it as such and use it for what it was built to address!
We are staunch believers in the saying that “Everyone you meet can teach you something you don’t know.”  And “the best teachers are the people we are living with right now.”

Knowing this to be true, why not start with the activities we love?
Let us use this network to learn and explore with our neighbors, classmates, and colleagues towards the discovery of true passions and talents.
Together we may also find solutions to a lot of other societal issues listed on this website as “HobbyTwin Concepts”.

Don’t forget to invite a friend for instant hobbies& funskills matching!
Thank you!


We are currently doing Beta tests and collecting feedback on how best we can improve the App for our users.

Would you like to be a tester? Everything is free including Free Subscription Test Cards.

Be among the first people to know about it!

Download the Beta version below and Tell a friend for instant hobby matching:

For Android:

For iPhone/iPad&iPod:

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