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Maximize on fun activities to accumulate problem solving skills

As people learn to maximize on all types of skills, people become very good problem solvers; hence, learn how to solve challenges facing them. At hobbytwin, we believe people become poor when they believe that they only have one way of solving their problems, a 9-5 desk job and a salary. However, if working at a big corporation is your dream, then it is okay to be passionate about your work. Problems come when your company has to lay off a few people, you find yourself out of the door, and have no other breadwinning skills, and new job offers are not forthcoming. At hobbytwin, we believe multiple skills including some lucrative hobbies would equip people with more than just that “salary-arrow” in their quiver. Think about this, if things do not go your way and got laid off, but you are good at baking, you can look for a job as a baker or even bake your products and sell to your friends and their friends until a new job offer comes along. If you are good at sewing you could try making a few custom designs and try selling them to your friends online through the numerous merchant platforms that exist today. Sometimes your hobby can even pay off and become your mainstream hustle. Isn’t that how Colonel Harland David Sanders founded the world’s largest fast-food chicken chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)? If you are good at carving, try carving and take on an apprentice to help you through it as they also learn the skill for free and try selling your work door to door or online and you just might make a living before the next job offer comes along. Mind you this might even surprise you and discover that you are more passionate about carving, sewing, baking or any other skill, and find yourself making more money than you ever were to make at your company. However, please note that you can only have this alternative if you explored these things along the way so that you will have something to fall back to if you got laid off. This way you would still have means of putting food on the table for you and your family, managing poverty.

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