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Simple Hobbies can help you discover yourself

Our parents told us that we were all born with a special talent. However, if the current statistics are anything to go by, more than 85% of all the people in the world today have no idea what theirs is. We believe that one of the reasons we have never known who we were meant to be is that we never had a platform that allows us to explore all of the things we may be interested in towards the discovery of that special talent sold to us at birth. That is another main reason why hobbytwin was born. At hobbytwin, we believe that through exploring all the activities we find interesting, we get to discover where we belong, and where we do not. Through exploring our hobbies, and what we perceive as interesting, we get to know what we are passionate about; and if it comes from the heart, there is nothing in the world that can stop us from becoming the best at what we set our mind to achieve. We have talent search shows on TV where we invite people to come on stage to do their acts and be judged on execution, yet we do not have a platform where people would have the freedom to explore all their interests with friends, neighbors, or colleagues in preparation for these occasions. Our belief is simple; If we explore all our interests at every chance we get and with people who would help us build our charisma and character into these activities from a very young age, by the time we are in our young adulthood, we should already know where we belong and where we do not. HobbyTwin is that platform where you get to explore all of your interests and with parties into the same activities around you no matter where you go around the globe. We believe that if you never give up on the things you love and keep working on them no matter where you relocate to in the globe, one day you would definitely conquer the world.

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