Welcome to Hobbytwin!

Slogan: Everyone you meet knows something you don’t!

Our Vision: To give everyone the freedom to explore what inspires them.

Our Mission: To connect people in a way that promotes and facilitates the exchange of hobby interests and professional skills (all skills known to mankind) towards free education and the discovery of true passions and talents.

How? By matching people with hobby partners (hobbytwins) into the same hobby interests, college courses, degrees, and the same professional/technical skills they love even when they relocate/travel anywhere in the world.

Why “-Twin”? Named after the phenomenon experienced by identical twins where sometimes they can tell what each other is feeling even from miles apart. Sometimes identical twins can even wear the same outfit, at the same time even when they are miles apart unaware that their twin had chosen the same outfit for the day. We find you somebody who thinks, feels, and connects with you in such a unique way and maybe even beyond what our minds can comprehend.

Ever wanted to do a fun skill but didn’t know where to begin or who to do it with? Or have you just arrived in a new city or college but don’t know where to begin?

HobbyTwin instantly matches you with people into the same hobbies, the same technical, and the same professional skills you love from a 100-meter radius.

Whether it’s swimming, cycling, painting, nursing, baking, acting, mechanical engineering, karate, yoga, agribusiness, dancing salsa, astrophysics, playing chess, a musical instrument, etc; you will find instant matches for any activity you can think of on Hobbytwin!

Get a hobbytwin (skill partner), exchange skills, have fun, and teach each other new fun hobby interests towards personal growth and free education.


IT IS SIMPLE, Here are the Steps to follow:

Download the Hobbytwin app from your favorite store

  1. SEARCH/ENTER any HOBBY or SKILL known to man:
    – Any hobby or skill; Sports, Instruments, Games, Social hobbies, Languages, Technical or professional skill.
    – Select your proficiency level and save to get instant & unlimited matches for every added skill.
  3. EXPLORE:-
    – Follow Matches, DM (Chats), Create teams/Groups for every skill, Schedule Lessons, Do & Track hobby lessons,  Take lesson Pictures & Videos, and Share and inspire your Community!




How It Works Video



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Why Use HobbyTwin

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