Welcome to Hobbytwin!

Our Vision: To give everyone the freedom to explore what inspires them.

Our Mission: To connect people in a way that promotes and facilitates the exchange of unlimited fun and technical skills for free towards the discovery of true passions and talents.

How? By matching our users with other hobby partners (hobbytwins) into the same hobbies, interests and the career skills anywhere they travel in the globe.

Question; Ever wanted to do a fun skill but didn’t know where to begin or who to do it with? Or have you just arrived in a new city or college but don’t know where to begin? Is it swimming, cycling, painting, baking, acting, dancing, golfing, tennis, playing chess, playing a musical instrument, or any other fun activity?

HobbyTwin instantly matches you with hobby partners into the same hobbies and fun activities you like from a 100Mts radius. Get a hobbytwin, exchange skills, have fun, and teach each other new hobbies and all other technical fun skills.

Simply: Download the hobbytwin app today and search/enter any hobby skill, tap on the verified one, and let our app find you free and instant matches around you into the same fun activities you love.

Download the Hobbytwin app from your favorite store and Signup

    – Any hobby skill, interest, or career skill; Sports, Instruments, Games, Social hobbies, Languages, Technical or any degree skill. You see a suggestions drop-down list of the hobby you are trying to enter
    -Tap on the “Verified” skill, and get instant & unlimited matches for that particular skill
  3. EXPLORE:-
    -Follow Matches, DM (Chats), Create teams/Groups for every skill, Schedule Lessons, Do & Track hobby lessons,  Take lesson Pictures & Videos, and Share and inspire your HT Community!


How It Works

Hobbytwin instantly matches you with hobby-twins near you into the fun activities you love from a 100Mtrs radius anywhere you go in the globe.
How? When and if you relocate, just navigate to your profile settings and click on “Auto-detect my location”, and the app will sync to your new location, and find your new matches in your area, into the same activities you explored in your previous city.

The 100mtrs to 10-mile radius means that users get to exchange hobbies and technical skills with people familiar to them; their neighbors, classmates, and colleagues.

They could get together under a tree or something and have fun painting, doing yoga, meditating, playing chess, or exchanging any technical activity when bored or during their free time.
Meet and know your neighbors, learn new hobbies, make real friends, accumulate and maximize on every skill, and learn new & free skills. Also, manage lonesome illnesses such as stress, anxiety, and depression by finding a neighbor into the hobbies you like and doing them together when bored or on your off day when you want to learn something new.
What’s more? Meet new people, share pics and videos with your hobbytwin network, and encourage each other as you explore all the things you love.

Invite your friends and compare your fun skills over hobbytwin and discover your true passions and talents! 
At HobbyTwin we believe that through doing what we love we get to network, learn, have fun, socialize, give to charity, meet actual/real friends, accumulate as many skills as possible, discover our talents, become self-conscious/discover ourselves, educate our neighbors, actually get to know our neighbors, bring love and integration in our society, reduce the prevalence of lonesome illness like stress, depression, and anxiety in our community making the world a better place.

Why you need the hobbytwin app

Simply download the hobbytwin app today and search/enter any hobby skill, tap on the verified one, and let our app find you free and instant matches around you into the same fun activities you love.
Tell your friends about hobbytwin to compare your skills and make it even more fun. You will be surprised by just how many skills you didn’t know you had in common with your friends, neighbors, or classmates. Explore and learn together with hobbytwin!
What’s more? Take pictures and videos doing your hobbies and learning new fun skills and share them with your hobbytwin network. You can also DM each other, and even create groups and group chats with people in the same activities you like for easier scheduling of the fun activities. Get the free hobbytwin app today!
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