Privacy Policy

Welcome to a snapshot of Hobbytwin’s Privacy Policy!

Note: This Privacy Policy is just a snapshot of what will come after we launch our product, but it should give you, our user, a head-start on understanding the information collection practices we plan to adopt, as well as how you can control and access your material.

The information we shall receive:

  • The information you provide when registering and setting up your account.
  • The content that you shall upload to Hobbytwin servers
  • The information you allow us to collect about you when using hobbytwin Services
  • The content you allow other social media platforms to share with us, like the signup information.
  • The information we shall get from communicating with you
  • The information we get from how you use our service
  • The information we shall get from cached data, cookies and other technologies when using Hobbytwin services.

What we shall do with your information?

We shall use the above information to:

  • Provide better Hobbytwin services to you as the user
  • Analyze how you shall be using our service.
  • Manage and improve hobbytwin services, apps and the website
  • Provide you with information regarding all hobbytwin services and updates
  • Diagnose technical and security issues, and maintain the service
  • Provide you the user with marketing, relevant to your use of this service

Who will we share this information with:

  • Other hobbytwin users where you have allowed your information to be set as public
  • Other social media services you tell us to share your information with
  • Business partners who may include promo and advertising partners
  • People who help us provide better Hobbytwin services to you
  • Outside parties to comply with law and legal obligations

Information storage:

Hobbytwin information will be stored in servers primarily in the Unites states, but Hobbytwin Limited may also use other locations around the world to help us better serve the needs of hobbytwin users.


Effective on app launch!

Welcome to Hobbytwin (“hobbytwin,” “we,” “us,” “our”). Hobbytwin provides a better learning, fun, networking services to allow people discover their talents, passions and talents.  

  • Our privacy policy explains how we shall collect, use, share and protect information in relation to our website, application, mobile technologies and any software provided in connection to, or on Hobbytwin services, as well as your choice in relation to the collected and your use of information.
  • By using Hobbytwin Limited services you fully understand and agree that we are providing a social-media platform to upload material including pictures, comments and other user content to the hobbytwin service, and to user content publicly, Which means that other Hobbytwin users may see, use, search for or share any other user content that you tell use to make publicly available, as stipulated in the and terms and conditions of this privacy policy, as well as the Terms of Use as stipulated by Hobbytwin Limited here:
  • This privacy policy applies to all registered users, visitors, and other “Users” who access the service.


As stipulated in the provided Privacy Policy Snapshot, this is the information we shall be collecting.

Information you give us directly:

  • Your email, username and password during registration for a Hobbytwin account.
  • The profile information you provide for your user account. This will and/or may include First and last name, age, picture, location, Phone number etc. This material shall allow us to help you and others be “searched” on Hobbytwin.
  • User material such as photos, videos, comments and other materials you upload to this service.
  • Communication between you as the user and our staff. This information may include emails related to this service; e.g. account verification, password change, technical and security notices among others. Kindly note that you not out of emails related to this service.

Finding your matches and twins on Hobbytwin

  • When you like, you can use our “search” feature to find twins with your hobbies on Hobbytwin with Hobbytwin accounts through your contacts list, other social media sites or via a search for names, skill or usernames on Hobbytwin.
  • If you use our “Search” feature on our application to find a twin on Hobbytwin services, we will simply run a search through our database and return the most possible matches you seek from our systems.
  • Currently we have not introduced a feature to allow one to find twins, or twin matches through third party social media sits or through a contact list, but we plan on implementing it in the future, so please be on the lookout for an update on the same.
  • You may user our “Invite Friends” Feature, which allows you to enter multiple emails and send them out to your contacts, encouraging them to try the Hobbytwin services.

When you use this feature, you fully understand and agree that you are solely responsible for this data.

Analytics Information

  • We plan to use third-party analytic tools to helps us identify and measure traffic, usage trends on Hobbytwin. The tools might collect information sent by your device including add-ons, web pages and other information to assist us improve the Hobbytwin service. We plan to collect and use this analytic data for analysis purposes only, and at no point do we plan to use it to identify any particular individual user.

Cookies and similar technologies

  • We may use cookies and similar technologies such as web beacons, pixels and other local storage to collect data on how you use our service when you visit our site, so that we can provide a better user experience to you as the user.
  • We may also ask our promo and advert partners to serve ads to you, which may use cookies and other technologies placed by other third parties or Hobbytwin service.
  • More information about this will be provided upon app launch.

Log file information:

  • We shall receive log file information every time you, the user visits, or makes a request to visit our website or the app. It may also be provided if you download any content to from our app to your device.
  • When using Hobbytwin Services, our servers my automatically record some log file information such as your IP address, your web request, referring/existing pages, your clicks, browser type and how you navigate on the links on the service, landing pages, domain names, pages viewed among other such information. The servers may also collect such information from emails and communication sent to our user to enable us to track the emails clicked and opened by you the user for better reporting and improvement of the service.

Device Identifiers:

  • By using our service, you acknowledge that we may access, monitor, collect and store one or more “device identifiers” either remotely or on your device. Device identifiers are similar data or small data files associated with either the tablet or the phone you use to access our service, used to identify your device.            A Device identifier could be pieces of data stored in connection with the device’s hardware, its software, OS or other data sent to the device by HobbyTwin.
  • The device identifier may send information to us or a third-party partner regarding how you use our service which can help us personalize the content we display to you such as ads. Please note that some of the service’s features may not perform properly if the availability or the functionality of the device identifiers are disable or impaired.


  • Metadata is the technical data that which will be associated the content of the user. It can recount when, how and by who some user content was formatted and/or collected.
  • Users may also have or generate metadata when they publish User Content through a geotag (e.g. for hobby location), a hashtag (e.g. for matching users), a comment or other data. The metadata helps hobbytwin match you with the most relevant user for the exchange of skill. This will also assist other users to search the most relevant information on a skill, people, or tags related to a particular skill if your information is made public by you



Other than the outlined specific uses of information hereby described, we many also use the data we receive to do the following:

  • Remember your login information so that you won’t have to re-enter it the next time you want to use the service
  • Help you to easily access your information after login
  • Provide personalized information and content such as ads and or other forms of marketing.
  • test newly developed products and features
  • supply, test, improve as well as supervise the effectiveness of our service
  • check the metrics associated with user activity on our service such as the total no of posts, users, visitors and other demographic patterns on our service.
  • Diagnose, detect and fix bugs
  • Update the HobbyTwin app automatically or

We will not share, sell or rent your information to any third parties outside HobbyTwin Limited, without your consent, except as noted in this privacy policy.

We may however share it with:

  • We may share your information from tools like log files, cookies, device identifiers and location data (such as referring URLs and exit pages, usage data, number of clicks, platform types) with “service providers”; associations that help us to keep providing the HobbyTwin service. They can only be granted access to the necessary information under very confidential terms.
  • This may include cookie data accessed by third-party ad partners, allowing them to, deliver targeted ads they believe would interest you among other things.
  • We may exclude, or remove data, or some of it, that can identify or share anonymized data with other parties. We may also combine this data with other information in a way that can no longer be associated with you and share it as an aggregate lot.

Parties with whom you may choose to share your User Content:

  • You can control this by any applicable privacy settings you opt for, but if not set, any content you voluntarily post to this website becomes available to the public. HobbyTwin is still working on how you can control this to a selected audience of choice via profile settings, so be on the lookout for an update of this privacy policy.
  • User content that set as public from your profile will also be subject to use by our HobbyTwin API and will also be searchable by other users. Our API will be subject to the HobbyTwin API Terms of Use and will also incorporate use of this Privacy Policy.
  • Your content may remain cached, viewable or archived in some pages of our service even after you remove it, or still be viewable parties using the HobbyTwin API if the information was copied, saved or cached in their systems.

What happens in the event of a change of control:

  • If we transfer, or otherwise sell some part, or the entire HobbyTwin franchise to another organization, e.g., through an acquisition, a merger, dissolution, bankruptcy, liquidation), your information such as the signup and other information collected through the service, published content and other information may be transferred or sold. However, you will still be the sole owner of your User Content, and the transferee or the buyer will still honor all the commitments stipulated in this Privacy Policy.

Instances where we may be required to share your information:

HobbyTwin may disclose your information when it is required to comply by lawful judicial process, but only if we believe beyond reasonable doubt that it would be necessary to:

  • Enforces HobbyTwin’s Terms of Use
  • Observe a reasonable law enforcement request
  • Protect and safeguard the integrity of the HobbyTwin Service
  • Employ or protect the rights, personal safety, property of HobbyTwin service, our users and others

Storage and Processing:

  • Information Collected through HobbyTwin may be stored, processed in facilities within the United States or in any other country where HobbyTwin maintains facilities, including companies providing service to HobbyTwin, or group of companies where we maintain facilities
  • We may transfer any information collected about you across jurisdictions or international borders, or other countries in the world
  • Kindly note that we may transfer the information we collect about you to a jurisdiction and/or country that does not have the same data protect laws as your jurisdiction. For instance, if you are in the European Union region, your information may be transferred to another region where the data protection laws may differ, e.g., the United States.
  • By registering and using the HobbyTwin service, you agree to the transfer of your information to the United States or to any other region, or jurisdiction in which HobbyTwin, a service provider to HobbyTwin or an organization in the same group of companies maintain facilities, and that your information may be used in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.
  • HobbyTwin uses commercially reasonable security precautions, and other safeguards to keep any information collected about you secure. Consequently, we may ask you to verify your account from time to time, such as asking for a unique password, or, in the future, a One Time Password (OTP) before allowing you to access your account. However, kindly note that HobbyTwin cannot guarantee the security of the information you transmit, or that the content you publish to our service may not be access, altered, disclosed or destroyed.
  • HobbyTwin implores you to do your part so that we can do ours. Kindly note that you are solely responsible for keeping your unique password secret, including other account information, and for controlling and overseeing access any access between you and our service, HobbyTwin, at all times. Also note that your controls and settings may also be affected by any changes other social media service you use to connect to HobbyTwin make to their service. HobbyTwin is not responsible for these effects such changes may have to the functionality, access capabilities, security or privacy measure of any other companies. 

Your account information and profile/privacy settings:

  • You can update your profile information through profile settings any time you login to the HobbyTwin service.
  • You can unsubscribe to our communication emails at any time by just clicking on the “Unsubscribe link” usually provided in such communication. Please note that by clicking the Unsubscribe link you may miss out on information related to services like reminders, purchase and billing confirmations, account verifications, security notices, technical notices and updates or change to features of the service.

How long we keep your User Content:

  • Following termination or deactivation of your account, Hobbytwin may retain information (including your profile information) and User Content for a commercially reasonable time for backup, archival, and/or audit purposes.
  • If HobbyTwin ceases offering you its service by either deactivating or terminating yiur account, HobbyTwin may retain your information such as the User Content, including your profile information for a commercially reasonable time for archival, backup, and/or audit purposes.

HobbyTwin does not knowingly gather, solicit or share any information from any user below the age of 12 years, or allowing such person to register or maintain an account with the service. HobbyTwin’s service and its content only remain directed to persons above the age of 12 years. If we learn that we collected any information from users below the age of 12 years without parental consent, we will delete that information as fast as humanly possible. If you believe we may have collected any information from a user below the age of 12 years kindly lets us know here as soonest possible.


Kindly not that HobbyTwin is not responsible nor can the service be held liable for any practices employed by any services including other websites or applications linked to or from our service, including content or information contained within them. Kindly note that our Privacy Policy does not apply to third party services or applications, including when used a like to and from them. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy you also agree that we are not responsible, or have any control over any third-parties you access your content through HobbyTwin. Use third-party services at your risk.


In the event that a HobbyTwin user dies, you may contact us here, and we shall follow up on the same via the email address you provided in your request.


You may contact us if you have any questions or need further clarifications regarding the HobbyTwin Service or our Privacy Policy via any appropriate contact channel, including via Live Chat here


HobbyTwin is a very new service, and this Privacy Policy may change from time to time, so kindly be on the lookout for any new updates. You may also keep reviewing it periodically in case you do not receive any notifications of changes or modifications under the circumstances. Kindly note that if you continue using the HobbyTwin or any of its Services after changes, or updates to this Privacy Policy will warrant your acceptances of such modification. Thank you!

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