Why Use HobbyTwin

Why Use HobbyTwin

Why Use HobbyTwinEver wanted to do a fun skill but didn’t know where to begin or who to do it with? Or have you just arrived in a new city or college but don’t know where to begin?

HobbyTwin instantly matches you with people into the same hobbies, the same technical, and the same professional skills you love from a 100-meter radius.

Whether it’s swimming, cycling, painting, nursing, baking, acting, mechanical engineering, karate, yoga, agribusiness, dancing salsa, astrophysics, playing chess, a musical instrument, etc; you will find instant matches for any activity you can think of on Hobbytwin!

Get a Hobbytwin (skill partner), exchange skills, have fun, and teach each other new fun hobby interests towards personal growth and free education.

IT IS SIMPLE, Here are the Steps to follow:

Download the Hobbytwin app from your favorite store

  1. SEARCH/ENTER any HOBBY or SKILL known to man:
    – Any hobby or skill; Sports, Instruments, Games, Social hobbies, Languages, Technical or professional skill.
    – Select your proficiency level and save to get instant & unlimited matches for that particular skill
  3. EXPLORE:-
    – Follow Matches, DM (Chats), Create teams/Groups for every skill, Schedule Lessons, Do & Track hobby lessons,  Take lesson Pictures & Videos, Share and inspire your Community!



The 100-meter radius ensures that you start by exchanging skills with the people closest and familiar to you; your neighbors, classmates, and colleagues. Get together under a tree or something and have fun painting, doing yoga, or exchanging any fun skills/activities during your free time.

If/when you relocate to a new city or country simply go to your profile and click on “Auto-detect my new location” or Type any location of choice.

The app finds new matches around you for the same skills you were exploring back home and you can just pick up from where you left off and continue learning.

In a nutshell, the Hobbytwin app helps you:

  1. Meet and connect with your neighbors
  2. Learn new hobbies and professional and technical skills
  3. Make real friends
  4. Maximize every skill ever learned through continuous learning and mentorship
  5. Learn new and free skills.
  6. Manage lonesome illnesses such as stress, anxiety, and depression by finding you a neighbor classmate, or colleague into the same activities you like and explore together when bored, or on your off day when you want to learn something new.

At Hobbytwin we believe that by doing what we love we get to:

  • Network, learn, have fun, socialize
  • Give to charity
  • Meet and make actual real friends through common interests
  • Discover our talents
  • Become self-aware/discover ourselves
  • Educate our neighbors and peers
  • Actually, get to know our neighbors
  • Foster love and integration in our society
  • Reduce the prevalence of lonesome illnesses like stress, depression, and anxiety in our community making the world a better place.

Why Use Hobbytwin?

Let’s delve deeper and explore each of the above points:

  1. Meet Real Friends, Have Fun, Learn and Network

Hobbytwin allows you to Meet, Have Fun, Learn, and Network with real hobby partners around you from a distance of 100 meters wherever you may go around the globe. The hobby twins you get are all into the same fun activities you like and enjoy. The content you consume is most probably from skills you care about because the app requires that every post uploaded must be related to a skill or a fun, informative, or inspiring activity you have already saved on your profile.

How it all works?

Simply add all the skills you already know and explore, those you would like to know or do at least once in your lifetime, and those you only dream about and are not even sure if they will ever happen. Leave it to the Hobbytwin app to match you with potential real hobby friends who already explore all those activities. You can chat with them, send lesson requests, meet them, have fun together, learn together, and create a network of real hobby buddies who can teach you a thing or two.

They are most probably your neighbors, classmates, or colleagues who can become long-term friends since by default the Hobbytwin app finds you a hobby match from a radius of 100 Meters. The 100mtrs radius means you would be exchanging your hobbies with people familiar to you; your neighbors, classmates, and colleagues. Also, all the media (pictures or videos) you upload must be related to a skill you love or explore, that your followers may be interested in. Get matched with people to teach you what you want to learn and get together under a tree and have fun painting, doing yoga, or any other fun skills/activities during your free time.

For instance, among college students, classmates could teach each other all kinds of skills during their free time or when a lecture is canceled. Everyone knows something you don’t and your desk-mate could teach you skills like playing the guitar, painting, or even board games among others. The app only requires that you add the skills you already know and would like to practice once in a while, and we shall find you, someone, to do those activities with. If you have a chessboard in the house, a Rubik’s cube (speed-cubing), or other games like Jenga, Monopoly, or Dungeons and Dragons, the app will find you matches around you (most probably your classmates and other neighboring students) who are just as passionate about those things and you can do them together when free.

Hang together under a tree, at the rooftop of your building, or even in an empty hall within your institution and chess away. If you are into more physical activities karate, skating, or swimming, get matched and go to the institution’s swimming pool or the nearest one around you and teach each other all kinds of strokes and dives. If you are into sporting activities like soccer, through Hobbytwin you can find classmates and/or fellow students around you who are into the sport, with coinciding free schedules. Create a group (a team,) through the app, buy a ball, and get together when free and have fun.

2. Give to Charity

At Hobbytwin, we believe that people are not looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the sense of being alive.
Looking at all the precious gifts we can give our families, friends, or those we hold dear to us, one gift stands out; time dedicated to sharing information and experiences.

Time is all we have that is meaningful in this world, and the most precious gift that balances the rich and the poor, the healthy and the sick, the meek, and even the powerful. We are all just trying to buy more time on our deathbeds anyway. It is not money, power, or influence in society; all these things are man-made. That is why we believe that giving a few minutes or an hour to a worthy cause is at the helm of the greatest gifts you can accord anyone.

If you do not know how to give your life meaning, how about giving some time to mentoring someone something you already know and love? If you find it difficult to volunteer at a homeless shelter serving soup to the needy or at a nursing home tending to the elderly, how about instructing a neighbor through what you already know? Think of it this way; when you take time and teach someone a new skill or hobby, you are not only adding real value to their lives but also to yours. It is something you already know and love to do. It doesn’t matter what skill you teach from your quiver of what you already know, as long it adds value to the other party. It could be playing the guitar, chess, and other board games, repairing bikes, painting, or any skill you already know and love.

By teaching your neighbor a new hobby skill you could be giving them a new career option, leading them away from a path of depression, and stress, and also passing unto them mastered problem-solving skills among so many other advantages. So please feel encouraged to teach more than you want to learn. Do it with someone and spread more love, and acceptance, and build a new friendship or a meaningful relationship. Besides, it is a hobby or a skill that you are already good at, a skill you do all the time, or a skill you would like to explore when free, but have no idea who to do it with especially if you just relocated to a new town, school, or neighborhood. Why not take on an apprentice interested in learning exactly what you are passionate about and do it together?

Download the Hobbytwin app, tell us what you like doing on your off days, or for fun after work, and let the app work its magic. You like doing it right? Why not do it with an inquisitive student? That way you get companionship, make a new real friend, impact your know-how of the skill to a new party, and get to enjoy the fulfillment that comes from watching them execute the skill exactly the way you instruct them to. There is no greater feeling! It is the greatest win of all in the world.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below, and recommend our app to at least three of your friends and see how many skills you didn’t know your friends had, or you could have learned or explored with each other all this time.

3. Free Skills & Free Education

With Hobbytwin, you not only improve on the skills you already know but also get matched with people around you who can teach you what you would like to learn or do at least once in your lifetime. It could be painting, playing an instrument, learning a foreign language, or swimming among so many other skills. Lest you forget, these people are your neighbors, classmates, or workmates as the app finds you people nearby from a radius of 100 meters.

For instance, college students could teach each other all kinds of skills during their free time or when a lecture is canceled. Everyone knows something you do not, and your desk-mate could teach you skills like playing the guitar, improv acting, painting, or board games among many other skills. The app only requires that you add all the skills you already know and those that you would like to practice once in a while or at least once in your lifetime, and we shall find you, someone, to do those activities with. If you have a chessboard in the house, a Rubik’s cube (speed-cubing), or other games like Jenga, Monopoly, or Dungeons and Dragons, the app will find you matches within a 10 miles radius (most probably your classmates and other neighboring students) who are just as passionate about those things and you can do them together when free.

Come to think of it, Hobbytwin promotes free education as it only seeks to encourage you to pursue the skills you are passionate about.

We are firm believers in the saying:




That’s why we encourage you to use the people around you to explore your free skills. Who knows, you might just become the greatest guitarist, swimmer, biker, chef, or painter in your town, city, or country. We might just discover the next greatest performers, painters, mechanics, or genius inventors of our time through the Hobbytwin app.

4. Boost your Confidence & Self Esteem

At Hobbytwin, we believe you are only as good and confident as the activities you pursue. Do the activities you pursue leave you invigorated and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way with some newfound enthusiasm? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then you know the statement that you are only as confident as the activities you pursue to be true.

When you are good at something that comes from the heart, you always find peace doing it. It boosts your morale and you never even mind if you did it alone or with someone as long as it gives you peace of mind. What you are good at, and what you are passionate about is what makes you who you are and it is also what defines your social niche. You are only as cool as what you are passionate about. The confidence that comes from knowing what you excel at, what gives you peace of mind, and maybe even a source of income is incomparable to anything else you do, either for pay or fortune.

Hobbytwin finds you a network of people who are passionate and positive about the things you love. Hobbytwin challenges you not to compare yourself to anyone else and just focus on what you are passionate about; what works for you. If you are passionate about playing the cello but have never even told any of your friends out of fear of being made fun of and maybe even being perceived as weird, at Hobbytwin we say screw them! You don’t need such negativity in your life. The Hobbytwin app will find you people who are just passionate about the cello, and “weird” or not, you can be yourselves together. The same goes for ballet, illusions, juggling, figurine collecting, toy collecting, magic tricks, and any either fun activity that some people may find weird. It is okay to be weird as long as you are being you and doing what makes you happy. Let the Hobbytwin app find you a community that will appreciate you, boost your confidence, and encourage you to keep being you and to keep going after the things you love.

5. Discover Yourself

Our parents told us that we were all born with a special talent. However, if the current statistics are anything to go by, more than 85% of the global population today have no idea what theirs is. We believe that one of the reasons we have never known who we were meant to be is that we never had a platform that allows us to explore all of the things we may be interested in towards the discovery of that special talent sold to us at birth.

That is another reason as to why Hobbytwin was born. At Hobbytwin, we believe that through exploring all the activities we find interesting, we get to discover who we are, where we belong, and where we do not. Through exploring our hobbies and what we find interesting, we get to know what we are passionate about and if it gives us a sense of being alive. If it comes from the heart, there is nothing in the world that can stop us from becoming the best at what we set our minds to achieve.

We have talent search shows on TV where we invite people to come on stage to do their acts and be judged upon execution, yet we do not have a platform where people have the freedom to explore all their interests with friends, neighbors, or colleagues in preparation for these occasions. Hobbytwin is hoping to change all that.  Our belief is simple; If we explore all our interests at every chance we get and with people who would help us build our charisma and character into these activities from a very young age, by the time we are in our young adulthood, we should already know where we belong and where we do not.

Hobbytwin is that platform where you get to explore all of your interests and with parties into the same activities around you no matter where you go around the globe. We believe that if you never give up on the things you love and keep working on them no matter where you relocate to in the globe, one day you will conquer the world.

6. Become an Elite Problem solver

Everything has a way of doing it. Every hobby presents a couple of challenges before mastery. Taking swimming, for example, there are a couple of swimming strokes one ought to master if one wants to master the art of swimming once and for all.

The front-crawl swimming stroke requires a swimmer to master and coordinate kicking, arm stroke crawling, and breathing, all at different intervals. For backstroke, you have to lift your waist to the water level, kick your legs, and coordinate your hands’ pull movements. For breast-stroke, you have to kick out your legs first, and as you close them, bring your hands to the chest and pull sideways and downwards in a circular manner. There is also a butterfly swimming stroke where you swim on your front and lift both arms forward at the same time while your legs move up and down together like a whale tail.
This is just one hobby; swimming. You have to overcome all these challenges for you to become a good swimmer. What this tells us is that every hobby has a way of doing it, and the more hobbies you do, coupled with your school education, the more tactics you accumulate on how to approach and solve life challenges.

The more you learn how to solve the challenges presented by your hobbies, the more you train your body and mind to develop a problem-solving attitude. Through your interests, once you develop a mindset that you can solve almost any problem you set your mind to and stick to it, you are not only on your way to wealth but also on your way to a very healthy lifestyle. This also means that with such a mindset you become an elite problem solver, and are better positioned to tackle all challenges that may come up in real-life situations.

7. Cure/Manage lonesome and Lifestyle Illnesses

At Hobbytwin, we believe that human beings can very easily manage both lifestyle and lonesome illnesses if everyone pursues what they are good at towards leading happier and healthier lives.

Here is a scenario; when we grow up and go to college or even marry, we leave our parents alone in the neighbourhoods. It is even worse for the elderly single patients who are left to live alone either in the mansions or in the farms and ranches we were brought up in. Here is the kicker though. Let’s not forget that our parents also had hobbies or fun activities that they liked to explore when they were young, and even in their adulthood. For instance, take an example of an elderly woman who used to love to bake, and now lives alone and away from her children. She would want to enjoy baking again just for the fun of it or maybe prepare some and surprise her grandchildren, but she is afraid of even suggesting the idea to herself because she doubts that she isn’t up to the task anymore.

She may be so much in doubt that she no longer entertains such thoughts.  Now, imagine that there is also a young girl in her neighborhood interested in learning how to bake, but has no idea where to begin. Let’s allow our imagination to wander a little further and assume that the teenager’s parents cannot even afford to send her to college. Now imagine being matched via the Hobbytwin app, and the two get to bake together. Would it not be a win-win situation for both parties?

Here are the advantages; As they baked together, the woman would have a companion, forget her loneliness for a couple of minutes if not hours, have fun doing an activity she almost forgot how much fun it was for her, surprise her grandchildren with baked goodies so she got free labour in the process, and inspire a new apprentice. That lonely feeling would disappear for a while, have fun mentoring a young apprentice (or even her agemates), and also have companionship managing some lonesome illnesses such as stress and depression. She might even find some sort of joy and fulfillment that comes along with volunteering one’s time and skills.

For the teenager, she would get a mastered skill for free, which she can turn into a career if she wanted to, and also get to network with a real person in the neighborhood. If impressed by her work the woman might even recommend her for a job at one of her children’s place of work. Everything and everyone is connected in the world in one way or another.

We can build meaningful connections right from our neighborhoods through basic interests and solve major issues such as free education and lifestyle illnesses such as stress, depression, anxiety, and obesity among others.

Get the Hobbytwin app today and take part in building a happier and healthier community around you.

8. Manage Poverty & Discourage idleness

As people learn to maximize all manner of skills, they become very good problem solvers; hence, learn how to navigate numerous life challenges. At Hobbytwin, we believe people become poor when they believe that they only have one way of solving their problems, a 9-5 desk job and a salary. However, if working at a big corporation is your dream, then it is okay to be passionate about your work if it gives you the sense of being alive. Problems come when your company has to lay off a few people, you find yourself out of the door and have no other breadwinning skills, and new job offers are not forthcoming.

At Hobbytwin, we believe multiple skills including some lucrative hobbies would equip people with more than just that “salary-arrow” in their quiver. Think of it this way, if things do not go your way and/or got laid off, but you are good at baking, you can look for a job as a baker or even bake your very own products and sell them to your friends, and their friends until a new job offer comes along. If you are good at sewing you could try making a few custom designs and try selling them to your friends online through the numerous merchant platforms that exist today.

Sometimes your hobby can even pay off and become your mainstream hustle. Isn’t that how Colonel Sanders founded the world’s largest fast-food chicken chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)? If you are good at carving, try carving, and if all goes well take on an apprentice. The apprentice can help you around the workshop or even help you sell your products door to door or even through an online platform, not forgetting that they would also get to learn your craft for free.  Either way, you just might make a living before the next job offer comes along. Mind you this might even surprise you and discover that you are more passionate about carving, sewing, baking, or any other skill, and find yourself making more money than you ever were to make at your company.

However, please note that you can only have this alternative if you explore these things along the way so that you will have something to fall back on if you get laid off. This way you would still have means of putting food on the table for you and your family, managing poverty.

9. Promote unity in the society

The Hobbytwin app matches you with people passionate about the same things you are from a distance of 100 meters. We have observed that people who live in urban centers rarely know their neighbors. Looking at the last two decades, rural-to-urban migration has peaked the prior decades and we shouldn’t expect it to go back down.

We believe that everyone you meet can teach you something you do not know; hence, prefer to see all these migrations as ‘potential sources of skill’. Not only are people migrating from rural to urban areas, but we also have urban-to-urban migrations and there are even more global travelers today than there has ever been in the history of mankind.

At Hobbytwin, we believe that since we already have everyone online today, instead of just scrolling and consuming digital content for hours, which may not leave us any better than we were, we could utilize this connectivity to actually learn everything we’ve ever found fascinating.

Due to these migrations, our neighborhoods are full of people from different cultures, and they can teach us things we never dreamt of. Also, when you are a global traveler who just landed in a new city with no idea where to begin, people with common fun skills can help you get over the culture shock much quicker because you would continue doing the same things you used to do in your previous city.

Also, this app focuses on matching you with people closest to you so you may already be familiar with them. Therefore, when matched by Hobbytwin to explore a skill like yoga, painting, playing chess, or lifting weights at your gym, it creates a sense of trust, security, and belonging to your community.

At hobbytwin, we believe that since we already have everyone online today, instead of just scrolling and consuming digital content for hours that may not leave us any better than we were when we first logged on, we could utilize this connectivity to actually learn everything we ever found fascinating. Not only learn by practice but also through consuming information that inspires us to get off our butts and do something about our situations. We believe that people should only consume information that inspires them when they look at other people’s posts online. That is why with hobbytwin, you have to select a skill that has already been verified into the application by the admin, and you must have it saved on your profile before posting a video or a picture.  FYI, Hobbytwin users don’t even have to post anything and they still have access to all the matches they want for any hobby skill they want.
We encourage our users to only add inspired posts.

Since the app finds you matches from 100mtrs, by default your neighbors become the closest matches on the application and you can exchange skills, have fun, and spark new wonderful neighborhood friendships out of common respect and skill. You can get together during your free time and exchange the skills you have in common, and by the time you are done pairing with all the people within that 10o Meters radius, you will have already most of your neighbors, connected with them on a personal level.

10. Manage Racism and Tribalism

Hobbytwin matches you with people who are interested in the same fun activities and career/professional skills you like. Have you ever noticed that nobody cares about the color of your skin or your tribe when you are all together in a group having fun? A great example of this would be when one is playing a team sport like soccer. Every team member is always happy when they play as a team and win, regardless of who scores the winning goal. Nobody cares as long they get to participate and share in the fun. Hobbies and fun activities just might be the messiah we have been waiting for to come and save humanity, sadly from racism and tribalism.

When people are hanging out together and having fun all they care about is learning from each other, having fun, and networking. Think about this, you just secured a job abroad, or you have to relocate to a new city. Where do you even start? what do you do in your free time? Do you go to the movies alone? How many times before you get bored and find yourself admiring pairs and the groups you see chatting at the movie theatres or the food courts and you start craving some company? Why not simply sign up to Hobbytwin, all the hobby and professional interests you like, and leave the rest to the app to find you a person to do one of those activities with?

You can get matched with unlimited matches who are exactly into the same things you like and from that it should not be that hard to start a conversation about the activities themselves and where to do them around you or if you can do them together. It is kind of when one asks for direction nowadays. Society kind of seems to agree not to discriminate against color, sex, religion, tribe, etc. if you are only asking for directions. We are all very eager to help and guide people in the right direction and even caution them on the not-very pleasant or safe routes in the neighborhood.

Fun activities can help us achieve the same level of attitude towards racism and tribalism coz nobody seems to care about your color as long as you are a ‘team player’ and all contributing to the activity in question. Hobbytwin helps you make new friends and adapt to the new geolocation in a fun, smoother, and easier manner.

The new friends you meet through fun interests might help you adapt and overcome the culture shock that comes with relocating to new geolocations more easily and smoothly. Hobbytwin is all about finding a person who enjoys the same fun activities you do and doing them together. By networking and interacting with persons from different cultures, you get to appreciate them for who they are and not for what you were taught.

Besides, no one is born knowing color, race, religion, sex, or creed; they were all taught to us by the persons who influence our lives the most; our parents, friends, and relatives. But the world is becoming more advanced now and we can only hope for the better in the future.

People are now relocating to new cities and new countries in larger volumes than in the past, and we have to learn to co-exist and relate with the indigenous locals we find in these cities. Why not use Hobbytwin and bond with a neighbor over a game of bowling if that’s something the two of you are into? It could also be archery, golfing, paragliding, gardening, or whatever fun activity you may both have in common and before you know it, you become one of the locals and/or vice versa.

11. Learn from all people, before burying them.

At Hobbytwin, we believe everyone wants to share, and everyone wants to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. The recipients of the knowledge in question do not necessarily have to be one’s relatives. We believe that everyone can be of value to the people and the community around them, and no skill should go to the grave untaught: not even witchcraft if that’s what you are into.

We believe that in as much as we are living in a digital age, we should learn from everyone and more so our elders and safeguard their knowledge as well. We need to learn what was acceptable in society during their time, and what was not. We know that culture controls biology, but nobody in this world knows how.

Even with all the advancements in technology today we still can’t explain how one may get sick, seek medical attention from the most qualified experts today, and with access to the most advanced institutions in the world and find no cure, only to learn of an old ritual from your great-grandfather, do it and get cured. Is it some sort of placebo effect or a mental attitude towards some of these rituals? Who knows? The truth is that this is still happening today, and culture is still controlling biology and no one seems to fully understand how it all works.

Other than that, there are so many other skills that we can learn from the elderly. For instance, there are lots of young people today who have never even enjoyed a simple skill like fishing or hunting yet their grandparents or their neighbors go on fishing trips all the time. The same goes for learning from our peers skills like baking, painting, solving the Rubik’s cube, and quilting among many other skills.

Not to say that one can only learn these skills if they had a grandparent, but at Hobbytwin we believe that we can learn them from our neighbors, friends (including our peers), and everyone in this world. If we did, we would indeed learn new skills from these people because everyone we meet knows something we do not, and can pass them on via the Hobbytwin network.

This is what we mean by learning something from people before burying them and/or vice versa.

12. Peace, Fulfillment & Tranquility

How am I changing the world? How am I changing or inspiring the lives of the people around me? Have you ever asked yourself these questions before?

Truth be told, not all of us will get to invent something that will help advance the lives of mankind. Not all of us will get to help mankind be an interplanetary species like Elon Must, or invent Asprin like Felix Hoffmann, or invent electricity like Benjamin Franklin. Hell, not all of us will get to be Leonardo da Vinci.

However, we should all strive to do something meanwhile to look back to as our greatest contribution to others during our lifetimes here on earth. Some if not most of us, at some point, find ourselves reflecting once in a while seeking to determine how we are contributing to the advancements of our lives and those of the people around us.

This reminiscing is even more intense on our deathbeds if all the written research about what people go through on their deathbeds is something to go by. At Hobbytwin, we believe that it is possible to face death with courage and even achieve some sense of peace and tranquility if we achieve something meaningful with our time here on earth. We can have better experiences on our deathbed if we have meaningful acts or contributions to look back to when our time finally comes.

At Hobbytwin we believe that as human beings, we are not looking for the meaning of life more than we are looking for the feeling of being alive, and that the best way to achieve this is through growing and giving. For instance, we believe that the most fulfilling feeling of all time is when you do something for a total stranger without expecting anything in return.

We all want to grow so that we can give. At Hobbytwin, we feel that if we gave a little chunk of our time, maybe volunteered it to a neighbor’s kid who needs help with his homework, or maybe teach a fun skill to a neighbor without expecting anything in return, we can look back to these simple moments and find peace, tranquillity, and fulfillment with our lives.

That is why we are encouraging people to start by giving/mentoring in the skills or the activities they find fun such as swimming, quilting, painting, baking, golfing, and playing an instrument among other hobby interests, and then build their way to professional skills.

There is nothing more haunting than regretting not doing something you could have done when you had the time. Giving is not always in monetary terms: you can always volunteer your greatest resource on this planet; your time. There can never be anything more fulfilling on your deathbed than knowing that you shared your greatest resource with your neighbors and/or your community, helping advance the lives of the people around you even if it was just through your fun activities.

Even if you don’t get to invent electricity, the telephone, or starships taking people to other planets or other futuristic inventions, you can always make your time on Earth count by giving what you already know to your neighbors during your free time.

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