Deleting all your data from the Hobbytwin app

Deleting all your data from the Hobbytwin app

Hobbytwin users can delete all their data from the Hobbytwin application.

The following process deletes your account information, which includes;

  • Your first name
  • Last name
  • Username and email
  • All profile
  • All saved hobbies/skills
  • Media posts and all other material associated with your account

How to remove your account:

Step 1: Navigate to “Settings” on the sidebar
Step 2: Click on “Account Settings”, then ‘Close Account’
Step 3: Enter your password and click “Confirm” at the bottom of the page.

Deleting all your data from the Hobbytwin app

Deleting all your data from the Hobbytwin app

Remember; Hobbytwin is an all skills known to man matching network.

Ever wanted to do a fun skill but didn’t know where to begin or who to do it with? Or have you just arrived in a new city or college but don’t know where to begin? Is it swimming, cycling, painting, baking, acting, karate, yoga, dancing salsa, golfing, playing chess, playing a musical instrument, or any other fun activity?

HobbyTwin instantly matches you with hobby people with the same hobbies, the same technical, and the same professional skills you love from a 100-meter radius. Get a hobbytwin, exchange skills, have fun, and teach each other new fun skills, new hobbies, free hobbies, and free fun skills.

Why Use HobbyTwin


Download the Hobbytwin app from your favorite store

    – Any hobby or skill; Sports, Instruments, Games, Social hobbies, Languages, Technical or professional skill. You see a predicted drop-down (suggestion of the hobby you are trying to enter)
    Select your proficiency level and save to get instant & unlimited matches for that particular skill
  3. EXPLORE:-
    -Follow Matches, DM (Chats), Create teams/Groups for every skill, Schedule Lessons, Do & Track hobby lessons,  Take lesson Pictures & Videos, Share and inspire your HT Community!

Tell a friend for instant hobby matching:
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For iPhone/iPad&iPod:

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