Unique Factor

Unique Factor

Think of it this way

  1. Making every environment a learning environment.
    Not just Harvard and other institutions are learning environments. (Our certification will be the post proving you can really do what you claim, as you advance through the skill levels).Besides, if we took you to Harvard and gave you access to all the resources there including libraries, the mess, sporting and all the facilities you still woulndt learn a thing because you would be alone. T
  2. Someone tell Google that it’s not where it’s whom.
    Google finds you where I find you who:
    If you just landed in a new city and wanted to explore a new activity where would you begin? Google finds you the where, but with who??? Let me find you the who…
  3. Every website online was put there by someone selling a service or a product, now we are bypassing the website and straight to that person (No more rigged SEO – Yes it is rigged).
    Who put it there? Get credit for your work…
  4. Think of it as a bucket list.
    Of all skills you would like to learn or do b4 your time is up.
  5. Creating employment opportunities for students straight from college so new job opportunities.
    Teach someone calculus etc & charge them just 5 bucks.
    No more finding a job cz you have a degree in something, how about the specific unit. Some or those units are very hard, if you put in the time and mastered it, you could make money out if every unit you master while still in college..
  6. Many other ways to think about it will come…

Bottom line:

The bottom line is, whatever you decide to do, feel fulfilled in your own way. Live right in your own way. Because everyone feels like their version of life is the right way. So everyone tries to sell you their version as the right way. Build your version of a fulfilled life in your own way. After all, a tree grows as tall as it can no matter the conditions or situations. Send roots down as deep as it can, grows every limb, leaf, flower, and as many fruits as it can. It is time to GROW YOUR VERSION, now you have the platform.

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