Manage Racism and Tribalism

Hobbytwin matches people with the people who are interested in the same activities you are interested in. Have you ever noticed that nobody cares about the colour of your skin or your tribe when you are all together in a group having fun? Nobody cares as long they get to participate and share in the fun. Hobbies and fun activities just might be the messiah we have been waiting for to come and save humanity, sadly from racism and tribalism. When people are hanging out together having fun all they care about is learning from each other, having fun, and networking in the correct way. Think about this, you just secured a job abroad, or you have to relocate to a new city. Where do you even start? what do you in your free time? Do you go to the movies alone? How many times before you get bored and find yourself admiring pairs and the groups you see chatting at the movie theatres or at the food courts and you start craving some company? Why not simply sign up to hobbytwin, list what you know, and what you would like to learn and what you dream about and leave the rest to the app to find you a person to do one of those activities with? You can get matched with unlimited matches who are exactly into the same things you like and from that it should not be that hard to start a conversation about the activities and/or where to do them around you. It is kind of when one asks for direction nowadays. The society seems to agree not to discriminate against colour, sex, religion, tribe or any other feature if they are asking for direction. We are all very eager to help and guide people into the right directions and even caution them on the not very pleasant or safe routes in the neighbourhood. Fun activities can help us achieve the same level of attitude towards racism and tribalism coz nobody seems to care what colour you are as long as you are a 'team-player' and all contributing to the fun activity in question. Hobbytwin helps you make new friends and adapt to the new geolocation in a fun, smoother and an easier manner. The new friends might help you adapt and overcome the culture shock that comes with relocating to new geolocations in an easier and a smoother manner. Hobbytwin is all about finding a person who enjoys the same fun activities you do and doing them together. By networking with persons of different cultures you get to appreciate them for who they are and not for what we were taught. Besides, no one is born knowing colour, race, religion, sex, or creed; they were all taught to us by the persons who influence our lives the most; our parents and our relatives. But the world is more advanced now and we can only hope for the better in the future. People are now relocating to new cities and new countries in large volumes than in the past, and we have to learn to relate with the locals we find in these new cities. Why not use hobbytwin and bond with a neighbour over bowling if that's something the two of you are into. It could also be archery, golfing, paragliding, gardening or whatever fun activity you may both have in common, and before you know it you become one of the locals and/or vice versa.

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