Discover Yourself

Our parents told us that we all have a talent. However, if th current statistics in the world today are to go by, more than 85% have no idea what their is. The reason we have never known who we were meant to be is because we were never given a platform to allow us discover who we are or what we are good at. At hobbytwin, we believe that through exploring the activities we find interesting, we get to discover where we belong, and where we do not. Through exploring our hobbies, and what we perceive as interesting, we get to know what we are passionate about; and if it is really coming from the heart, then there is nothing in the world that can stop us from becoming the best. We have the talent search shows on TV where we invite people to come and be judged, yet we never gave them a platform for people to build themselves before coming on stage to present what they believe they could be good at. Our believe is simple; If we explore all our talents from a very young age, by the time we are in our young adulthood stage, we should already know where we fit in the society.