Promote unity in the society

The hobbytwin app matches you with people passionate about the same things you are passionate about the same things you are from a distance of 100 meters. We have observed that people who live in the urban centers rarely know their neighbors, know what they do, and sometimes might not even know when their neighbor is around even during the weekends. Let's face it, we do not necessarily know our neighbors or anything about them apart from their faces. Some of us cannot even point out the apartments some of neighbors live in even when we share the same gate to the apartments or courts. At hobbytwin, we believe that if we got everyone online, and the app finds a match from 100 meters by default, the first persons you are matched with is your neighbor. You would get to get with them doing the things you have in common, and by the time you are done pairing with the people within that 100 meters radius, you will have already met all of your neighbors, connected with them at a personal level, promoting unity and collaboration in the community and the society at large.