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These are the best places you can meet new people

These are the best places you can meet new people
Where you’re most likely to meet new people

Nights of trivia
You’re missing out if you’ve never been to a trivia night.

Imagine having to answer questions about Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or your favorite sports team in front of a crowd of people while they ate and drank.

Chances are, you’ll make someone happy, or someone will make you happy, and that will start a conversation.

Steps to Take:

Look for local trivia nights.
Learn the rules for trivia and sign up at least a week before an event.
Come early to the event on the night of it! Do not be late if you want to meet people. Talk to your teammates before the game and after it as well.
Best places you can meet new people

On a (Unique) City Tour
If you are new to a city, I suggest going on a few city tours to see if you can meet other newcomers.

If you’ve lived in your city for a long time, try a unique tour of the city. There are walking tours of history, art, food, architecture, and even ghosts in a lot of cities. Try all of them! If you’re in a city you’ve never been to before, why not take a tour to see famous buildings, zoos, restaurants, and museums?

Steps to Take:

Join online tour groups like SoloTraveller, ShowsAround, PartyWith, etc., to find out more about the places you’re supposed to visit.
Use technology as little as possible. Even if you like music a lot, don’t be glued to your phone or walk around with earphones in, or you might seem like you don’t want to talk to people. Even better, why not try a “digital detox” and stop using all social media?
Try searching your town’s name plus art tour, ghost tour, food tour, architecture tour, museum tour, or food truck tour to see what comes up.
Be a participant! Ask questions, show interest in the group’s history, and introduce yourself. Try not to be a bystander, or you won’t get as much attention.

Class of Language
A great way to learn about a new culture is to learn a new language. It’s also a smart way to meet new people and make new friends.

Many people think that being willing to learn is a good trait, which makes them more likely to be friends with you. Check out our guide if you want to learn more efficiently.

What to do:

Sign up for a class! Don’t be afraid to show that you’re new by saying even the most basic words wrong. Most people in a language-learning class are there to learn and get better, so they will probably be very encouraging.
Call a few of your classmates and invite them to lunch or a new hobby. You can even use this time to try some food from the country whose language you are learning.
Make a note buddy. Want to learn and make friends at the same time? You might want to find someone with whom you can share notes in the foreign language.

A Bar
Even though it sounds like a cliche, a bar is still one of the best places to meet new people.

Most nights, bars are full of different kinds of people who are happy to share drinks with people they don’t know. It’s like hiring a new worker, but this time you go to them instead of them coming to you.

Steps to Take:

Join a bar crawl near you. You can bring your coworkers or go by yourself if you don’t want to mix business and pleasure.
Dress like the person you are meeting. Which one are you? Ted or Barney? How you dress says a lot about who you are, what you like, and how you live.
Check your body language to see if you seem willing to talk. Put your phone away, listen to what people are saying around you, and open your chest instead of leaning into the table.
Befriend a bartender. Bartenders are trained social experts who can give you good advice or help you meet new people in a casual way. Be an excellent customer.
Sip your drink and join the conversation! “Where is town’s best pizza? “Did you watch last night’s game? “What kind of person are you? “Check out our guide, 57 Killer Conversation Starters So You Can Talk to Anyone, for a list of great ways to start a conversation.

Health Club
Joining a fitness club is a great way to meet new people and stay in shape at the same time.

You could choose a gym, yoga classes, martial arts, etc., based on what you like.

No matter what you choose, you will meet new people. And if things go well, you might even meet someone new to work out with who could become a friend outside of the gym.

Steps to Take:

Go to a gym or fitness class often! Sign up for a free trial to see which gym is the best.
Take care of your own hygiene! If you’ve worked up a lot of sweat, you might want to take a shower so you’re nice to be around.
Look in hobbytwin groups for people who want to find workout partners and have the same fitness goals as you.
Try a tennis club, a golf club, or a club for something else.

At a sports game or in a fan club
Do you like football, basketball, or baseball?

You’re not alone. In a new city, you’re sure to meet people who like the same team as you do and become friends with them. My recommendation is you download the Hobbytwin app and see just how many matches you can get per skill/interest of choice.

Steps to Take:

Find the fan club for your team in your city by going to the team’s website or social media pages. Leave comments and go to people’s local meetups to stay in touch with them.
Find a sports bar that is showing the game and go there wearing your team’s jersey. You’re sure to talk about something interesting.
Talk to other fans about the game and be happy or sad about how it went. When you share a goal and an enemy, it’s easier to make friends.

Religious or Cultural Club
If you like Sunday school or going to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs once in a while, these are great places to meet new people and make new friends.
Joining a local place of worship will help you meet people who share your values.
Steps to Take:

Start going to the same place every time you go to a religious center near you. At some point, you’ll be recognized or start to run into the same people.
Smile! Not a fake smile, but a real one that gives you those lines around your eyes.
Participate in things like sports games, fund-raising events, Bible studies, seminars, etc.

Book Club
If you like books as much as I do, a book club is the best place to meet people who like the same things you do. Start one or join one!

By going to a book club meeting once a week or once a month, you can talk about a book with other members and hear their opinions.

Steps to Take:

Use the hobbytwin app to find book enthusiasts around you no matter where you land in the world.

You can also join a sites like My Book Club and the Reader’s Circle to find a book club that fits your reading preferences.
Look for recommended books on social media, and read the comments to find people who think like you do.

The Lake or Beach
Spending time at a beach or lake is not only a great way to relax and have fun, but it’s also a great way to meet new people because everyone is usually laid back.

You could ask for directions, the time, a drink, or even some sunscreen if you are new to the area.

Choose a spot on the beach or dock where there are a lot of people so you can talk to the people on towels next to you.

What to do:

Join a local meetup group for yoga, jet skiing, or hiking at the beach or lake.
Sign up as a volunteer to help out with projects and events in your area.
Talk about small things without being weird.

Best places you can meet new people

Festivals of music, food, or art
People have different interests when it comes to things like food, music, and art. Festivals are a great place to meet people who like the same kinds of things you do.

The results of a study that looked at people’s digital footprints showed that people with similar likes and dislikes were more likely to become friends with each other.

So go to your favorite festival, listen to some music, and meet some new people!

If you want to meet new people, you should look for long lines. Then try talking to the people in front of you and behind you.

What to do:

Tell people about yourself! Even though it sounds easy, you’d be surprised by how many awkward first meetings there are. Learn how to master the handshake to get rid of that awkwardness.
Ask for opinions! How do you like it? What do you think of this painting? How do you interpret it? Asking people questions is a great way to get to know them and find out what they think.
Look for opportunities to share rides in Facebook groups. This is a great way to meet people before a music festival if you’re going to the same one.
Dance as if no one is looking! Now is your chance to go crazy at a music festival. Who knows, even if you’re the only one dancing? You might end up being the most popular person at the festival (skip to 1:13 for the fun part).

Local Store
Big stores like Walmart and Costco aren’t always as friendly as small shops.

Take a walk down the street and stop in any store or deli to buy groceries or something quick to eat.

You might even see a neighbor or someone else who shops nearby.

What to do:

You can find local businesses near you by using sites like Yelp, Google Maps, and TripAdvisor.
Find some time to laugh. What can you do to make other people laugh in the store? For instance, think about what would happen if you put on headphones and started singing Christmas songs in the middle of July. You don’t have to go that far, but making someone laugh can brighten their day. Read our article, “How to Be Funny: 7 Easy Steps to Improve Your Humor,” to learn how to make people laugh.

Public transportation
Do you use public transit? Public transportation is used by people from all walks of life to get around the city.

Some people might spend the whole time looking out the window, while others might fall asleep or read a book. You can ask for directions, the time, or even lunch or dinner suggestions.

What to do:

Respect the limits and privacy of others, and don’t talk to them unless they show they want to.
Exchange phone numbers (with each other’s permission) and meet up on other trips!

Volunteer Work
If giving back to society is important to you, you could take time out of your busy schedule to volunteer for good causes like animal welfare, LGBTQ rights, crisis support, and other human rights programs.

By volunteering at these places, you can meet people who share your interests while also helping people.

What to do:

Look at websites like,,, etc. to find out how you can help out. You can search for and filter out different programs based on the cause, where they are, and what you can do.
Help out at a local clinic or hospital to meet other nice people who are like you.
Start your own fundraiser by doing a charity run or another event that is planned.

Dog Parks
Let’s face it… everyone loves dogs!

If you have a dog, you can walk it in the morning or evening at a dog park and meet other people along the way.

There are likely to be other dog owners there for the same reason. You can talk to someone while your pets play with each other.

You don’t even have to come up with a topic. Just talk about the shampoo or food you buy for your pet, and the conversation will flow from there.

What to do:

Look for online groups for dog owners to meet people who have the same breeds. You could ask about diets, routines, or even the name of the nearest vet.
Use sites like theBark or Nylabone to find dog parks near you.
Watch this amazing video to see how easy it is to meet people just by walking your dog:

If you’re going to a new city, you’ll probably meet other travelers there.

Try making small talk or other conversation with people you don’t know in the waiting room or on the plane. You could talk about the weather, the entertainment on the plane, ask for suggestions, and so on.

What to do:

Get moving! Don’t stay put in your chair. Depending on the airport, it could be a big place for people to get together.
Don’t talk to people who don’t want to, especially if they’re busy working or reading a book. You could make small talk with them, but if they don’t answer or just nod, that means they aren’t interested. Avoid people who are in a hurry to catch their flight.
If you talk to someone about work, you can trade business cards or emails to keep in touch.

Events and trips to see family
If you have family in the new city, the best way to meet new people is to go to family events or just stop by.

You could see your family again and meet their friends, too.

What to do:

Friend get-together! Have a day when your family members bring their friends to meet some new people.
If you’re meeting a second cousin twice removed for the first time after a long time, you might want to take your time and find out what’s changed instead of assuming you already know them.

You could go hiking on your weekend off to get some fresh air and connect with nature.

And because it’s hard not to feel calm when hiking in nature, you’re sure to meet new people.

What to do:

Look on TripAdvisor or other travel sites in your area for group hiking trips.
Join a naturalist club in your area or a forum online.
Meet people at a camping and hiking store near you.

Mob Scene
Have you ever been to a flash mob? Flash mobs are so much fun.

But if you don’t want to just watch their show, you could join them!

Most of the time, you don’t even have to be a pro. Chances are you won’t be the only one watching, so it’s a great way to meet new people.

What to do:

Follow on Facebook different flash mob groups that usually do things in your area.
You can find a flash mob near you by signing up for a viral email list on different websites or using Google.

Competitions in sports near you
Are you good at sports and ready to show off? Try joining leagues for different sports, like football, baseball, golf, or tennis.

Sports have been shown to be a good way to break the ice between new friends, especially when things like teamwork and fair play are in place.

What to do:

Go to a court or club near your home and fill out an application to join.
Sites like Sportsvite can help you find a local sports league and find out about upcoming events.

College Grounds
To go to college, you don’t have to be a student. Most campuses have public spaces and put on public events, which are both great ways to meet new people.

If you feel like you’re too old for college, know that students and teachers of all ages exist.

Steps to Take:

You can find out about upcoming events and parties by joining college groups online. Events like protests, 5Ks for charity, music festivals, TEDx, and trade shows can be very popular.
You can study at the college library, join the gym, or go to a debate tournament at a nearby college.
Check to see if the school near you has an art show or special collections in the library that you can borrow.

Street Party
Do you know who lives next door? How about the person who lives three doors down from you?

As long as they are friendly, you can start a conversation by saying, “Hey, neighbor!

” And you’re set! Ask them if they would like to go to a block party. Make some lemonade and invite your neighbors over.

Steps to Take:

Have drinks and snacks at a casual housewarming party.
Chat as you walk. You might be surprised at how much you can talk about, even if it’s just the landlord.
Start your day with a jog around the neighborhood or a walk around the block with your dog.

Do you have a favorite coffee shop near where you live? My favorite place is cozy, and the staff and regulars are people I know.

Do some studying or try working from your favorite coffee shop if you want to work from home. You’re sure to meet some coffee friends along the way.

What to do:

Use sites like Likemind to meet new people for coffee around the world. Anyone can go to these dates, which is one of their best features.
Stay away from the dark spot. Rather than sitting alone in the corner, try sitting at the door. You’ll be the first person people see when they walk in, and this will give you more chances to meet people and make connections.

Side Hustle
One job not enough to pay your bills? Don’t let that stop you from meeting new people when you move to a new city.

Try getting a part-time job, like a side hustle, dog sitting, or watching kids.

In a part-time job, there’s less competition, so people are more friendly and easy to talk to. This makes it easier to make a friend at work. Nice!

What to do:

Don’t eat lunch by yourself! Take part in small talk at lunch or during breaks, and if you want to spice up a dull lunch conversation, share one of these funny videos.

Suggest after-work coffee, drinks, or dinner.
You could suggest carpooling or joining the same gym or sports club if you live close to each other.

Here are 50 ideas for side jobs.
Meetings Without Names
We all have problems to work through.

Sometimes, all we want is to be around people who have been through and are going through the same things we have, and we can still remain anonymous if we want to.

You can meet new people at group therapy meetings or online, and the things you have in common will help you bond.

What to do:

Fearful of going in person? Start on the web. You can let people know how you feel by using an app like Postmodern or posting on Reddit.
Begin with a small group of the right people. You don’t have to talk to everyone, just the people you trust.
Tell the stories. Have you got a good story to tell? Are you getting your point across? Find out how to get your point across: How to Tell a Great Story: Learn the Science of Storytelling

A wedding is one of the most popular ways for a lot of people to get together.

During the party for the new couple, you should take the chance to meet new people with whom you share friends.

What to do:

If you’re by yourself, hang out at the buffet or bar. This way, you’ll be sure to meet other people who are going alone.
Have questions like, “How do you know the bride or groom?
” or “Have you tried any of the drinks? They are awesome! ”

Social Causes
Gatherings for social causes are great places to find people who share your beliefs, whether you want to fight for equal rights or make people more aware of the environment.

You can rally with them for a cause, and you could also go out for drinks or a meal before or after the event.

What to do:

Use sites like Global Protest Tracker to keep up with important local trends.
If you want to make good friends, stay away from violence and vandalism and look for peaceful things to do.

Groups on social media sites and events
Since most people are online these days, you might as well learn how to meet new people there.

If a photo, comment, or video grabs your attention, there’s nothing stopping you from contacting the person who posted it.

You can find out about community events and even join them in person if you join different local groups.

Online Games
If you like to play Xbox or PlayStation games online, you could meet other gamers who live near you.

And if you like a certain game, why not take part in a local tournament or just watch?

What to do:

Use voice chat to talk to other gamers often.
Ask people to meet at a video game store in the city.
Go to a video game tournament or get-together in your area and play!

Online Forums
Have you ever joined a discussion group online?

There is a forum for almost everything these days:

people who are crazy about Siberian Huskies
Rubik’s cube fans who like to play with them
people who enjoy talking about the best wedding speeches
…the list goes on and on.

You can meet new people on these forums, and if you’re lucky, you might even meet someone in real life!

It’s a good place to start, especially if you work long hours like I do.

What to do:

Register for apps like hobbytwin.
You can use Reddit to find your favorite subreddit.
Make yourself an expert in your field so you can give good advice on Quora.
Be active on different forums and try to find different kinds of people by changing your niche.

Professional Groups for Networking
If you don’t like going to events in person, you can join professional networking groups to meet people who are interested in business.

You can not only grow your network, but you can also make friends in the city.

Steps to Take:

Sign up for sites like LinkedIn and Xing to meet professionals from more than 200 countries.
Read 10 Guaranteed Tips to Become a Pro at Online Networking to learn the best way to improve your online networking skills.

Going to a Movie
Have you ever gone by yourself to the movies?

It doesn’t sound as scary as it seems. Going to the movies by yourself is a great way to meet new people. Try going to smaller theaters early in the morning.

What to do:

When buying tickets, look for shows during the week or in the morning. Most people who go to the movies by themselves like to go at these times.
Are you hungry? Try talking to people at the snack stand before you buy anything.

At a Diner
Diners are great places to meet locals while having a cup of coffee or some scrambled eggs. I like the ones with seats around a counter, where you can sit next to other people and start a conversation more easily.

Since it’s a friendly place where people sit close together, it’s easy to start a conversation with a stranger.

What to do:

Look at sites like FoodandWine to find the best diners and restaurants in your area.
Want to try something new? Try an izakaya, which is a type of restaurant in Japan. These places are meant to be small and allow people to get close to each other.

At the home of a co-worker
When you move to a new town, the only people you’re likely to meet are people you work with. And if you’re friendly and easy to talk to, a coworker might invite you to a party at their house, where you can meet new people. Score!

What to do:

Pay attention to how your coworker acts and lives. This way, you can find out what kind of people they hang out with and see if you’d be a good fit. More importantly, it will help you figure out if they are a good fit for you.
Fit with the way they are. Another trick is to learn what kind of person they are. Are they outgoing or shy? Agreeable? Neurotic? Take our free Big 5 (OCEAN) Personality Test to find out.

At the yard sale
If you don’t have much money, you can buy used things at a flea market. People who like to shop smart and save money are also likely to be there.

What to do:

Use websites like Flea Market Zone to find a list of markets in your area that is always up to date.
When you’re out shopping, use the things you find as a way to start a conversation. Everything can be a conversation starter: old videotapes, old vases, handmade items, etc.

At an Album Store
If you like jazz, cool bands, or old Broadway cast recordings, you can find people who like the same kinds of music at a record store.

And it’s easy to start a conversation. All you have to do is ask for or give a recommendation.

What to do:

You can find all the record stores in your area by using sites like
Go to your local record store and ask a stranger who they like to listen to. You could meet someone new and find some cool new songs at the same time.

On Yelp
If you use Yelp and aren’t afraid to say what you think, someone might like your funny reviews or vice versa. Why not meet this way instead?

What to do:

You can follow people and respond to their reviews on Yelp, just like on hobbytwin. Start a conversation, and if the other person responds, you can continue the conversation online or in person.
Be sure to keep moving! If you write a lot of Yelp reviews, people will notice you.

Airbnb rentals are a great way to meet people from all over the world and make a little extra money on the side, whether you’re a guest or a host.

What to do:

You could ask people for their contact information and stay in touch whenever you or they are in town, as long as you both feel the same way.
Couch surf! You can even sign up for sites like and sleep on someone’s couch. This is a great way to meet people and travel without going very far.
Try an Airbnb experience. Many locals offer classes and other ways to meet other locals (or the person who made the Airbnb experience!).

At a food truck near you
Local food trucks in big cities are great places to get good street food and meet new people. If you try food outside of your comfort zone, you might even meet people from other cultures.

What to do:

Use sites like FoodTrucksIn to look for and find food trucks near you.
If you’re thinking about where to eat next, why not try a food truck? Go to the next food truck and talk to the person who owns it. After all, it’s unlikely that they’ll be going anywhere soon.

The Department of Motor Vehicles
At some point, everyone who has a driver’s license or needs one has to go to the DMV. Instead of being glued to your phone while you wait in line, talk to other people.

What to do:

Every time there is a DMV, there will be a long line. Don’t let yourself get stuck to your phone. Instead, look for a chance to talk to someone—sit next to someone who seems friendly or start a conversation with a stranger.

Range for shooting
Health Fitness Revolution says that practicing target shooting is a great way to relieve stress.

You could also meet new people who like the same things you do. Even a good competitor, maybe.

What to do:

You can find shooting ranges near you by using sites like Where to Shoot. The National Shooting Sports Foundation runs this site, so you know you’ll be where the pros are.
Ask for tips! Safety is the most important thing if you don’t know how to shoot. Most people who go to the range will be happy to give you some tips.

The Engineer
We all have problems with our cars or get into accidents when we drive in city traffic every day. You could talk to another customer to pass the time while you wait for your car to be fixed.

What to do:

Find certified body shops on your own to save time and money.
You can also ask people in Facebook groups for suggestions.

Halloween Parties
Halloween parties are a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Plus, any costume is a great way to start up a conversation.

What to do:

Add some flavor! Don’t just go as yourself. Dress up as a character from a video game, a Disney prince or princess, or something very funny. Use this as a chance to stand out. Halloween only comes around once a year, after all.
Take pictures with people. A good selfie is the easiest way to start a conversation, and you’ll have a memory of it for the rest of your life.

Magazine and newspaper stands
If you like to read the old-fashioned way, you’ll probably find other people who like to do the same thing at 8 a.m. where newspapers and magazines are sold.

What to do:

What’s happening? Talk about the news or anything else that has to do with what they’re reading. Start a conversation. All you have to do is ask, “How’s the weather? ”

You can talk to other people at a public library if you like to go there, as long as you do it quietly.

What to do:

Talk to the library staff! I’ve found that librarians are a lot of help. They know a lot and probably spend a lot of time reading, so they can talk about a lot of different things.
Ask other people for book suggestions. Start a friendly conversation with a stranger who likes the same kinds of books as you while you talk about them.

The Dentist
We all like taking care of our teeth, but we all hate going to the dentist.

But you might be surprised by how much people talk while they wait. Don’t be afraid to join the discussion!

What to do:

Share where you’re weak. Do you need a regular checkup, or even worse, do you need a tooth pulled? Share your worries, and you might help other people feel better. Even if you are nervous, you might not be the only one.

Fun parks
Like going to theme parks? People can get a rush of adrenaline and have a lot of fun at theme parks all day long.

This means there will be a lot of excitement and good vibes, making it a great place to meet new people.

What to do:

Find the rides where the lines are long. This is your golden ticket to making a friend if you like to talk for a long time. Be careful who you stand in line with, though, because you might be there for a while.

Cleans cars
It’s easy to talk to people at car washes. Asking for suggestions about products, body shops, insurance companies, etc. is a good way to start a conversation.

Or, you can start talking about your car, no matter how pretty (or ugly) it is.

What to do:

Do you need your car washed? Try the manual wash instead of the one where you don’t have to get out of your car. This will give you more chances to meet new people.

Farmer’s Market
If you like to eat organic food, you can go to a farmer’s market near you to buy different things.

Unlike commercial supermarkets, these markets are less formal and have customers and workers who talk more. This makes it easier to talk to other shoppers who are also trying to eat healthier.

What to do:

Check out the National Farmers Market Directory to find one near you.

Networking Events
There is always a networking event going on in a big city.

And it doesn’t have to be just to meet people; there are many kinds of events:

People who work in IT
dog lovers
those who love to write
people who like digital currencies
women about to have their first child
Who can say? A few minutes of casual conversation could lead to a new friendship.

What to do:

Use a tool like Eventbrite to find events in your area.
Use our article, “How to Network: 18 Easy Networking Tips You Can Use Today,” to brush up on your networking skills.

I live near a big event center where there are always interesting conventions that anyone can go to. My daughter loves trains, and we didn’t have anything else to do, so we went to a model train show. While waiting in line to see a big model, I ran into a friend from high school! We started to talk, and now we’re back together.

What to do:

Find out what events are open to the public at the nearest event center.
Have an open mind. I’m not really into trains, but I was willing to learn, and I had no idea we’d have so much fun.

Quick Tips on How to Meet People
Wondering how to even begin? Don’t fret you can simply start by downloading the Hobbytwin app that makes all this super easy for you and you will be all set.

In addition, here are a few quick tips you can use anywhere.

Look for long lines at the grocery store, coffee shop, or other places. Yes, most people hate to wait. But if you let it, a long line can be a chance to meet someone new.

Approach people. In a big cafeteria or at the beach, you might try to find the spot with the fewest people. Not if you want to make friends. Go stand next to a person you think you could talk to. Keep in mind that proximity is key!

Go early and stay out late. Going at these golden times at a party or networking event opens up chances. You might not even have any friends to talk to, so go out and make some.

Graze. Don’t be the person who has a full plate. When you go to the food line more than once, you have more chances to meet new people.

Bring the person on the right. The right-wing person isn’t someone you always hang out with, but someone who gives you enough “meet new people time” or introduces you to new people.

Download the hobbytwin app and tell a friend for instant hobby matching:

For Android:

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