Learn from people, then bury them.

Learn from people, then bury them. LET’S STOP BURYING THE DEAD WITHOUT LEARNING FROM THEM: At hobbytwin, we believe everyone wants to share, and everyone wants to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. The recipients of this skill do not necessarily have to be one’s relatives. As it is today, when we talk of passing skills to the next generation, people think of their children and/or grandchildren. This is not what was intended by this phrase, I believe it meant “you be of value to the community around you.” A child belongs to the community. That is why even in the old days you could discipline your neighbors’ kid of you found them in the wrong. Today we have neglected each other so much so that we may not even discover when one of us has died in our neighborhoods if they lived alone. I believe that we really need to learn from our elders. We need to learn what was acceptable in society during their time, and what was not. We know that culture controls biology, but nobody in this world knows how. Not even with the advancements in technology that we can explain how you may get sick, seek medical attention from all hospitals in the world and find no cure, only to learn of a ritual from your great-grandfather, conduct the ritual and you get cured. Other than that, there are so many other skills that we can learn from our grandparents. For instance, there are lots of young people today who have never even enjoyed a simple skill like fishing or hunting yet their grandparents or their neighbors go on fishing trips all the time. The same goes for baking, quilting among many other skills. I am not saying you can only learn these things if you have a grandparent, I am saying that you can learn them from your neighbors, friends, and everyone wherever you roam to in this world. If you did, you will have indeed learned something from them and you can pass thing along to your hobbytwin network. <p style="text-align: left;">You will indeed have learned from them before burying them and/or vice versa.</p>