Learn from people, then bury them.

Learn from people, then bury them. At Hobbytwin, we believe everyone wants to share, and everyone wants to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. The recipients of the knowledge in question do not necessarily have to be one’s relatives. We believe that everyone can be of value to the people and the community around them, and no skill should go to the grave untaught: not even witchcraft if that's what you are into. We believe that in as much as we are living in a digital age, we should learn from everyone and more so our elders and safeguard their knowledge as well. We need to learn what was acceptable in society during their time, and what was not. We know that culture controls biology, but nobody in this world knows how. Even with all the advancements in technology today we still can't explain how one may get sick, seek medical attention from the most qualified experts today, and with access to the most advanced institutions in the world and find no cure, only to learn of an old ritual from your great-grandfather, do it and get cured. Is it some sort of placebo effect or a mental attitude towards some of these rituals? Who knows? The truth is that this is still happening today, and culture is still controlling biology and no one seems to fully understand how it all works. Other than that, there are so many other skills that we can learn from the elderly. For instance, there are lots of young people today who have never even enjoyed a simple skill like fishing or hunting yet their grandparents or their neighbors go on fishing trips all the time. The same goes for learning from our peers skills like baking, painting, solving the Rubik's cube, and quilting among many other skills. Not to say that one can only learn these skills if they had a grandparent, but at Hobbytwin we believe that we can learn them from our neighbors, friends (including our peers), and everyone in this world. If we did, we would indeed learn new skills from these people because everyone we meet knows something we do not, and can pass them on via the Hobbytwin network. This is what we mean by learning something from people before burying them and/or vice versa.

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