Meet, Have Fun, Learn and Network

HobbyTwin allows you to Meet, Have Fun, Learn, and Network with real hobby skill partners around you from a distance of 100 meters wherever you go around the globe. The hobbytwins you get are all into the same fun activities you like and enjoy. Simply add all the hobbies and career interests you already know, those you would like to know or do at least once in your lifetime, and those you only dream about and are unsure if they will ever happen. Please leave it to the Hobbytwin app to match you with unlimited real hobby friends and professional skill matches for every skill you enter. Meet them, have fun together, learn together, and create a network of real hobby buddies who can teach you a thing or two. They are probably your neighbors who can become long-term friends since by default the Hobbytwin app finds you a hobby match from a radius of 100 Meters, extendable to the entire radius of the earth.

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