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Playing is the highest form of research:- Albert Einstein

Playing is the highest form of research:- Albert Einstein

Playing or engaging in a playful activity as an adult is one of the biggest favors you can ever do yourself. It does not matter who you think you are, what you do for a living, or how important your job makes you feel.

If you do not engage in a hobby or a playful/fun activity once in a while, you could be doing yourself the biggest injustice of your lifetime.
Did you know that “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, but we grow old because we quit playing”? – Oliver Holmes.

It is widely accepted that when we are young, we learn a lot of fun activities from our neighbors, our teachers, and even our parents. When we are young, we even forget or neglect other important things like having lunch or breakfast to have a chance to play or pursue a fun activity.

Sometimes kids just shoot out of their beds in the morning and go outside to find their neighbors to play with. Sometimes during lunch, it is not uncommon to see parents looking for their kids to go have lunch or dinner because they keep playing and forget other important activities like filling their bellies first.

Sometimes they may even be in a hurdle with other kids from the entire neighborhood or playing a chasing game, and as soon as they are fed, they always find a way of getting back to it.

Playing is the highest form of research:- Albert Einstein

When was the last time that you played and laughed like a child? If you can remember, you are one of a few lucky ones.

We all know that you learn best through play, or when you are pursuing an activity that no one pressured you into. For instance, an activity that you do because you want to pursue for fun and escape your daily routine for a while.

Why Learning Through Play is Effective and Entertaining

We know for a fact that children learn a lot from play, and this is widely accepted in the world, but for some reason, society has adopted a view or a culture that teenagers and adults way of learning have to employ a very different approach. Can you count the number of times you have caught yourself dozing off in corporate training? Maybe because of the endless slides, or the time a speaker was taking to deliver their point and his goal was to train you?

What about all the times you struggled to stay awake in class in the 5th or sixth hour because of the instructor’s monotonous tone or simply because the teacher made it neigh impossible to resonate or engage with the tone? It is about time we all acknowledged that the best way to learn and perfect any activity is through a fun approach that engages all the involved parties, and the best way is through play because it is also fun and effective.

The reason why it would be fun and effective to learn using the Hobbytwin app

You learn better when you’re having fun.

According to Cross (2011), when you voluntarily pursue an activity that is fun to you and in the company of individuals who find it just as fun, you boost your positive emotions, which proceed to activate your brain’s learning centers. At that point, all of your focus is directed towards having fun and learning as you socialize with the people around you interested in the same activity.

It also means that through play or pursuing a fun activity you tap into more brainpower. In this state, you find yourself more alert and notice and absorb new things that you could probably miss if not interested in the activity you were pursuing. It also means that you become way more creative and innovative while pursuing the things you love. According to Chris (2011), it also trains your brain to be more innovative; hence, you engage more with other tasks that you may decide to pursue after play and come up with new ideas to approach even the real-life problems you face daily.

The more fun you have while pursuing a fun activity, the more you train your brain to tap into more brainpower to solve the problems you could be having in the kitchen, at work, at school, or in any other aspect of your life.

The Hobbytwin app also helps you develop social skills when learning through play; hence, it can also be perceived as The First Free Self-Education app of its kind

Whether you are playing one-on-one with the neighbor who lives across the hall, maybe a game of chess or any other board game, or whether you are playing against a team, you will develop sound social skills. This is because the app finds you a neighbor who is into the same things you are into. Let’s face it, sometimes it takes us months or even years before we become naturally acquainted with our neighbors because we have no idea how to connect with them. One could also argue that we take this long because we do not know how our neighbors could be of help or contribute to our well-being.

Hobbies help you build self-esteem, purpose and confidence

Playing is the highest form of research:- Albert Einstein

At Hobbytwin we believe that everyone you meet can teach someone something you don’t know. If that’s true, then the best place to start is in our neighborhoods, classrooms, and workplaces. We believe that our neighbors, classmates, and even colleagues must know something we do not, and we can start from the most basic of all; hobby interests. It could be baking, quilting, golfing, playing chess, the guitar, or any other fun activity that we would want to pursue voluntarily, but do not know where to begin or who to do it with.

Whatever activity the Hobbytwin app matches you to do with others whether it’s painting, golfing, or skating, you learn how to communicate with people on a social level, who you might not have talked to if you thought you never had anything in common. You could also learn to motivate yourself through pep talk and be kinder to yourself. For instance, watching others play a game or approach an activity that you are also passionate about is also a great learning experience and opportunity in itself.

The Hobbytwin app will also help you learn more effectively through some healthy competition.

The reason you will find the competition healthy is that you will be using the Hobbytwin app to find people or to get matched with hobby buddies who are passionate about the same activities. Sometimes we do not like taking part in competitions that we don’t like. That’s why the Hobbytwin app only matches you with users into what you like or care about enough to either become a fan of the activity or take part in it. The app allows the other users to only invite you to explore the activities that you have listed out as preferences you would like to learn or explore.

Unless you are into hobbies that demand the “conquer and crush” approach, the Hobbytwin app leans more toward “childlike innocence” sort of play or skills exchange. That is why it’s all about the activities you are passionate about, or missed out on as a child, and would like to explore then a grown age. This could maybe because as an adult now you can afford to explore the interest in question, have more time, or within an environment that has the facilities you didn’t have access to as a child.

Approaching a new interest with a childlike innocence boosts your happiness levels as well as your performance in learning a new activity. That is what the Hobbytwin is all about; becoming the best version of yourself through what you love by finding you a neighbor, a colleague, or a classmate who is into the fun activities you like, the activities would like to explore at least once in a lifetime, or would give anything in the world to do.

Hobbytwin is all about; Becoming the best version of yourself through what you love

The Hobbytwin App will also encourage you to look at things from a new angle boosting your creativity in everything you do.

When you are not being pushed by anyone other than the inner curious and passionate self, you are completely in a new level of thinking, a new happier zone that broadens your mind as you concentrate on learning an activity that makes you happier.

Find a playmate through hobbytwin for free, and it will push you out of your comfort zone, and help you push boundaries with a hobby partner who is just as passionate about the same things. Doing so makes the entire experience more spontaneous and effective. The mindset built or the skills learned from hobby interests tend to reverberate throughout one’s career, family, place of work, and even into friendships and how one relates with neighbors.

Use the Hobbytwin app to find a playmate and boost your concentration, creativity, and learning skills.

Fun activities like hobbies have a lot to teach to the world, and getting people together for a fun activity allows people to meet, have fun, network and learn from each other for a happier healthier experience. Any hobby has the power to do so including pottery, gardening, painting, playing communal chess, running, coloring, and all other fun activities.

Other than allowing you to meet new real people around to do a fun activity and network, the Hobbytwin App will also help you:

  • Think of new ways to communicate effectively
  • Stimulate and develop curiosity
  • Learn to engage your neighbors in a playful but also pleasurable and educational way
  • Encouraging continuous learning.

Playing is the highest form of research:- Albert Einstein

The Hobbytwin app will also engage and motivate people of all age groups to participate in fun activities together, bridging the digital generation divide.

This will encourage us to learn better within the comfortable yet natural environment found in our neighborhoods, at work, and outside the classrooms.

One of the best things about what people will learn is learning from their own mistakes.

Hobbytwin makes learning more fun and engages neighbors through innocent yet healthy competition and teamwork.


Cross, J. (2011). Informal learning: Rediscovering the natural pathways that inspire innovation and performance. John Wiley & Sons.

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