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Exchange new and free hobbies as potential career alternatives

Exchange new and free hobbies as potential career alternatives

Exchange new and free hobbies as potential career alternativesExchange new and free hobbies as potential career alternatives. At Hobbytwin, we believe that the greatest charity you can ever accord anyone is your time: It is the most meaningful commodity that we have in this lifetime.

Everyone has special skills. Maybe you are a terrific guitar player, baker, or gardener, or perhaps you know carpentry or can restore broken cars. Maybe you love books. How about your computer skills? If you have a skill, volunteer it. How about a skill you actually love and do once in a while?

How about “volunteering it” to those around you, and you don’t even have to set another schedule other than the one you already keep? Let the Hobbytwin app find you free matches in your area when baking, swimming, wood carving, or making new pots.  Volunteer your skill to them and get free labor and the satisfaction that comes from watching an apprentice execute your guidance with sheer perfection.

At hobbytwin, we believe this should count as the most paramount form of charity in the world is involves donating the most precious commodity we have; time. You could teach the neighbors’ kids how to play chess, offer to teach baking to unwed mothers, volunteer to teach car restoration or mechanics at a community center, go to offer help fixing stuff at a church, or even teach an adult literacy class, and all this from the palm of your hands using the Hobbytwin app. We find you a unique community, that allows you to donate your time to charity when free, bored, or just want to get out of the house and do something you love.

Exchange new and free hobbies as potential career alternatives

Sylvia Loehken says “It is evident that in a wide range of areas Social success is increased when members of a community help each other and even out each other’s weak spots”. Make your free time count; and not only for you but also for the people around you through Hobbytwin!

In as much as we need finances to support charity programs aimed at solving food, water, healthcare, shelter, and infrastructure crises, especially in third-world countries, we have to remember that all that stuff is man-made. Money is man-made and so is everything else that we have invented towards making our lives comfortable. Not to say that donating financial resources towards health programs is not charity enough. However, we have to remember that the greatest gift/possession accorded to us by our maker on this planet is time. It is not money, power, or influence in society, although we need these commodities to give our lives meaning.

Fun and Exciting Hobbies That Make Money

At Hobbytwin we believe that when you teach someone an exciting skill, you add real value not only to their lives but also to your life. You could be giving them a new career option, leading them away from a path of depression, stress, or crime, and also passing unto them mastered problem-solving skills among other advantages. That is why we encourage all Hobbytwin users to teach others just as much as they would like to learn or do new activities.

Do it with a neighbor, a classmate, or a colleague and spread more love, and acceptance, and maybe even form a real friendship.
Besides, at hobbytwin, we only encourage you to take on an apprentice for an activity that you are already good at, or one that you find gainful and enjoyable. It could be as simple as a childhood dream like learning how to ride a bicycle or how to swim.

If you find yourself bored or with some free time and want to go do that activity you love, but don’t know where to begin or if you don’t have company, why not take someone with you?

Why not take on an apprentice who is just as passionate about the skill in question? Why not do it with either an inquisitive neighbor, classmate, or colleague? Use the Hobbytwin App. You will get to have companionship, make a new real friend, impact your know-how of the skill to this party, and get to enjoy the fulfillment that comes from watching them do the skill exactly the way you teach them to.

There is no greater feeling in the world than watching your students execute what you instruct them to and with sheer perfection. It is the greatest win of all in the world.

Exchange new & free hobbies as potential career alternatives

At Hobbytwin we believe that generosity should not only be measured in terms of finances or other material gifts but first and foremost in terms of the time one sacrifices and invests towards helping others become better versions of themselves. That is in terms of the value that we add to our neighbors, classmates, and colleagues’ lives. Teach them what they are interested in learning if you are already good at it and have some free time especially if you find yourself just sitting around in your house bored or on Netflix watching the same show you have watched over 100 times.

How about getting out there and meeting new people in the same activities you love? Take your time to point them in the right direction, and do not use the “but where is the time”? excuse because with hobbytwin you do not have to take time off your working schedule. HobbyTwin only requests that you take on an apprentice when you have planned on pursuing/practicing the fun activity/hobby yourself. It doesn’t have to be a one-on-one affair, it can be a group activity and invite a neighbor who might also appreciate your leisure activity such as yoga, Zumba, going to the gym, gardening, or even inviting them to a book club with you.

The number of skills you can learn and do with hobbytwin are only limited by your imagination. If you are a “world-nomad” -who loves traveling around the world it does not mean you can’t teach people what you love during your free time when on your tours. Who knows, you just might give them an alternative career option changing their lives and that of those around them. Whenever you move to a new town or a new institution, simply click on “Auto-detect my current location” and voila, the app finds you instant matches in that area for the same skills you live doing back home and you can continue doing your activities or even learn something new with the locals. If they are not on the Hobbytwin app, advise them to sign up, get matches, and learn from each other.
Also, the rewards you would reap from helping others get what they want have always been immeasurable.

‘You can have everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want (Zig Ziglar, 1992), and ‘Without a supporting social base, comparatively few people manage to be more than moderately successful.’

Remember; “We cannot choose either our biological or social environment. However, there is one thing that we can do: choose for ourselves what gives our lives meaning and value.” -Sylvia Loehken

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