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Fun and Exciting Hobbies That Make Money

Fun and Exciting Hobbies That Make Money

Everyone should know about these hobbies that make money, because, right? The dream is to find a project you love that also pays the bills. It’s not always easy, though.
The important thing is to start. It’s really that easy. The biggest problem for people who want to be entrepreneurs is just getting started with profitable hobbies.

These hobbies are a great place to start, but you have to take the next step and keep going. Don’t be afraid to fail. If your first choice doesn’t work out, you can always try one of our other ways to make money. Some of them are great because they are so much fun, and others are great because they can bring in a lot of money. Many people are both.
Keep an open mind as you read through this list. If something seems interesting, find out more about it. Getting out of your comfort zone can be a great way to learn and grow. You might be surprised by what you do.

1. Gardening

Gardening is relaxing and brings you closer to nature. Also, it shouldn’t be too hard to find people who want to buy fresh, local food.

2. Gaming for a living

It sounds too good to be true, but you can get paid to play video games. You might want to start a Twitch streaming channel.

3. The Market for Stocks

The stock market can be surprisingly interesting, and there are no limits to how much you can make from it. Don’t spend any money until you’re sure of what you’re doing. Start by “investing” a certain amount, and then keep going. Do your research and do it right if you want to do this as a hobby.

4. Flip Garage Sale Finds

It’s a lot of fun to go to garage and yard sales. Why not use it to make money? Tip: Bring your phone so you can check eBay for prices on similar items.

5. Move people around

Today, anyone with a license can become a professional driver thanks to Lyft and Uber. Meet some new people and get to know your neighborhood.

6. Painting

Painting is one of the most fun ways to make money, and it can be done in more than one way. Even if you’re not the next Picasso, painting is a great way to relax and express yourself. You might even be able to sell your paintings.

7. Writing/Editing

You can easily turn either of these into a full-time job, which makes them two of the best hobbies. There aren’t many other ways to be creative that could make you so much money. Start by writing some creative pieces. As you get better, look for freelance writing and editing jobs.

8. Codes

Coding can lead to high-paying jobs in a lot of different fields. You can also make your own websites and apps.

9. How to Start a YouTube Channel

This is a great hobby to do in addition to something else. When you start a new hobby, start making videos of it. You never know when a niche will take off and bring in a lot of money from ads.

10: How to Become a Stand-Up Comedian

Making a room full of people laugh is one of the best feelings in the world. At first, you might get paid in free drinks and appetizers, but once you get a following, you can do anything.

11. Service

Do you love to cook? A lot of people enjoy eating. Get better at cooking, and you can start getting paid to go to fun events.

12. How to Make T-Shirts

T-shirts are worn by everyone, right? It’s not hard to design and print your own shirts, and there’s a huge market for them. There are a lot of shirts on the market, so figure out how to make yours stand out.

These are the things you can do to make money that you’ll probably do by yourself or with a friend. Some of them require strength, and others might make you dirty. They’re not exactly fun things to do.
When it comes to interests, these hobbies for men tend to be more on the male side. But that doesn’t mean that women shouldn’t try them out.

Here are 10 money-making hobbies for men:

13. Woodworking

Working on wood is so relaxing and often makes you feel like you’re in a trance. As men, it’s part of who we are. There are a lot of people who like to have things that were made by hand, like figurines or furniture.

14. Bringing old cars back to life

All men should be able to work on cars, because it’s a useful skill. Also, it’s a lot of fun. You’ll need some money to get started with this hobby, but if you’re willing to sell the finished product, you can make a lot of money from it.

15. Home Brewing

Guys usually like good beer, so why not make it yourself instead of spending half your paycheck on it? Making beer at home is a fun thing to do with your friends. We think you should make one batch for yourself and another to sell.

16. Playing Poker

Poker can make you money, but it can also cost you a lot of money. Risk only what you can afford to lose. Before you move on to casinos, you should try playing with your friends first.

17. To fish

Getting up early to go fishing is something that men do by nature. You can also make a lot of money if you make connections with local stores and restaurants.

18. Playing An Instrument

These days, it’s surprisingly easy to learn a new instrument. You can find a lot of tutorials online or hire a private teacher. Once you sound good, book some gigs in your area.

19. How to Become a Fitness Teacher

Regularly going to the gym is a great way to improve your health and look, but you can also make money there. When you’re in great shape, think about training other people.

20. Officiating and Coaching

If you know a lot about sports, refereeing or coaching for a local sports league is a great way to have fun and make money.

21. Traveling

At first, you may have to pay for things yourself, but if you blog about your travels, you can make a lot of money. If you have a popular travel blog, you can stay at hotels for free, eat at restaurants for free, and get into popular attractions for free in exchange for writing about them.

22. Being A Handyman

Handyman work is a great way to get to know people in your area and make some extra money on the side.

If you want to try something new and fun with your partner, these hobbies for couples should do the trick.

They are a great way to strengthen your relationship, and you might even make some extra cash for date nights.
Remember that even though these are things you can do to make money, money is not the most important thing here. The main thing you want to do is spend some good time with her. You are not both getting new jobs. Take it easy and let the money come to you on its own in time. Don’t put any pressure on it.

Here are 10 money-making hobbies for couples:

23. Baking

You don’t have to own a bakery to make money baking. Sit down and make a list of your favorite recipes, and then try to make them even better. At some point, you can talk to cafes in your area about selling your tasty goods.

24. Building

Spending a quiet evening at home listening to music and making something together has a romantic feel to it. Put it on Etsy if you make something really cool. You never know who might love what you do.

25. Watching kids

Couples can learn a lot from watching children. It can make you want kids or make you think twice about having them. It’s a great way to make some extra money either way.

26. Making homes look nice

Do either of you have a good eye for designing homes? Put out an ad for people who do interior design. Decorating homes is a fun thing to do together because it lets you both show off your creativity and come up with ideas.

27. Making Chocolate

This is a great hobby for a couple because you can both eat the mistakes. There is a big market for artisan chocolates, and you and your sweetheart can make some sweet money with sweets.

28. Going over things

You can do this hobby at the same time as starting your own YouTube channel. If you find the right niche, unbox and review some products, and your fan base grows, you might be able to make a lot of money.

29. Pet Sitting

It’s great to get paid to hang out with animals. You might even decide that you both want to get one.

30. Taking pictures

Getting together to take pictures is a great way to see some beautiful places. Also, if you take good pictures, you might be able to sell them to people, businesses, or stock photo websites.

31. Stepping

Learning to dance together can be a great way to get closer to each other. Once you feel comfortable with your dance moves, you can use them to make money by giving dance lessons.

32. Setting up a web store

Running a business together can be fun and profitable, whether you sell on a big site like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy or on your own website. You could do drop shipping, sell things you made yourself, or buy and sell.

When you retire, you have a lot of free time. It’s both a blessing and a curse for many.
It can be hard to find new ways to pass the time. These profitable hobbies are great because they give you a sense of accomplishment without requiring you to punch a time clock every day. Plus, the extra money is nice to have.
Many of these money-making hobbies can be done alone or with someone else. Many of them would be great ways to get closer to your family, friends, or people in your community.

Here are seven things that retirees can do to make money:

33. Beekeeping

Beekeeping is an interesting hobby that isn’t for everyone. It gives you a reason to go outside often, and at the end of the season, you get a lot of honey. Local honey is loved by everyone, especially those who have allergies.

34. Keeping food safe to eat (Pickling, Canning)

There is a big market for artisan pickles made close to home these days. Putting food in jars and pickling it is a great way to store food for a rainy day, and you can also sell it to people in the neighborhood and make some money. It’s a great hobby for older people because it gets them up and moving, but it doesn’t require too much work to tire them out.

35. Bonsai Trees

Bonsai is an old Japanese art that is one of the most relaxing things to do. If you find the right buyer, you can get a lot of money for a Bonsai tree that has been well-designed and cared for. Zen is, of course, the real prize.

36. Burning wood

You can do wood burning from the comfort of your living room, which makes it a great activity. It’s a mix of drawing and working with wood, and the finished product could be sold.

37. How to Become a Tour Guide

If you’ve lived in the area for a while, why not tell other people what you know? You can start your own tour or talk to historical groups in your area about joining their team.

38. Collecting art

Art collecting is a great way to get to know people in your area. If you keep at it, you’ll eventually be able to buy art from all over the world. As an added bonus, your home decor will look great.

39. Selling Used Books

Many people who own books don’t know what a treasure they have. Many used books are worth a lot of money, and the world needs more books. Find a world of forgotten books and get them back where they belong, in circulation.
Some of us can’t just stay inside and do something to pass the time. We need a hobby that can also make us money, whether it’s because our rent is too high or we want to save up for a vacation. Don’t worry about it. All of these hobbies can be done inside, and all of them can help you make a little extra money when you need it.

Money Making Hobbies That Will Make You Richer

Here are seven indoor things you can do to save money:

40. Growing Herbs

Like to work in the garden? Grow herbs and sell the ones you don’t use yourself.

41. Making invitations and getting them printed

Give in to your creative side, and then get paid for it.

42. Organizing Parties

Get out and talk to people, and then help other people do the same.

43. How to Make a Planner or Journal

Some of the best journals on the market were made by people who had hobbies.

44. Making cases for phones

It’s fun and could make you a lot of money once you get good at it.

45. How to Make Snow Globes

Charming on your shelf and on your customers’ shelves.

46. Shoe-Making

Don’t buy another pair of Nikes. Instead, become the next Nike and make a lot of money.
No matter if they make money or not, hobbies are supposed to be fun. If your hobby pays you money but isn’t fun, it’s not a hobby; it’s work. We’re lucky that there are a lot of fun things we can do that also make us money. Just pick one of the activities below, and you can start having fun and making money right away.

Here are seven fun things you can do to make money:

47. Couponing

It’s what your mom used to do. Now you can save money like people used to.

48. Restoring Furniture

It’s hard work that can be very rewarding and bring in a lot of money.

49. Sewing

It’s relaxing and creative, and a good pattern can bring in a lot of money.

50. How to Teach Music

Wish you could have spent your time learning the trumpet on something else? Share what you know.

51. How to Turn Into a Makeup Artist

Make your love of makeup into a hobby or part-time job.

52. Podcasting

Can’t get enough of a certain subject? Let everyone else listen too.

53. Taking Surveys

They’re often more fun and profitable than you’d expect.
There are a lot of hobbies that can make you money, but some of them can be a little bit weird. You don’t need that. You are too cool to quilt or save money with coupons. Hey, no problem. There are a lot of fun things to do that can also make you money. All of these hobbies can make you money and help you look better to your friends.

Here are seven fun things to do that will help you relax about money:

54. Taking pictures for stock

It’s always cool to be a photographer.

55. DJ Events

A great and cool hobby for people who like music a lot.

56. Making a living as a personal trainer

Share your tips for getting in shape and make a lot of money in the process.

57. Writing Ebooks

Become the Ernest Hemingway of ebooks.

58. How to Make Video Courses

What’s better than getting paid to help other people beat the games you love?

59. Creating and renting out a room

HGTV is looking for the next big house flipper.

60. Starting A Band

This has always been the most interesting thing to do.
Everyone likes different things to do for fun. Even if you don’t like the most common hobbies, that doesn’t mean you can’t find something unique that can still make you some extra money. Make money from these hobbies that are a little bit off the beaten path but are just weird enough for you.

Here are seven unusual ways to make money:

61. Flying

Drone videos are getting more and more popular, and it’s a lot of fun to fly a drone.

62. Work at events as a clown or a custom character.

Don’t be afraid to let everyone know that you like clowns.

63. Voice-overs

Use your funny voices to get paid to be in commercials.

64. Offer to do translations

Great for people who speak two languages but have nothing else to do with the second one.

65. Proofreading

A money-making way to show how much you love correct grammar.

66. Take part in a fake trial

For a nice daily stipend, you can act like you’re on Law & Order.

67. Putting Snow on Driveways

It’s a good way to stay in shape and enjoy the winter weather.
Sometimes, hobbies, especially ones that make money, can seem like they’re mostly for guys, especially if they’re not very girly. But don’t worry, there are many hobbies that women can do that also bring in money. All of these are things that women like to do and that still pay well.

Here are five money-making hobbies that no woman should miss:

68. Having to do with old things

If you have always liked old things, you can make a lot of money by selling them.

69. Instruments Used in Events

Find places to play your sweet oboe or shred your guitar.

70. What is 3D printing?

It is art, design, and technology from the future all in one.

71. Event Organizing

If you know how to throw big parties, you can use that skill to make money.

72. Become a yoga teacher

For those of you who have been doing stretches to stay fit for a long time.
A lot of people use their hobbies not just to kill time or make money, but also to get in touch with their creative side. If you want to make money with your skills, the good news is that creative hobbies can be some of the most satisfying and lucrative.

Here are six things you can do as an artist that can make you money:

73. Investing in Art

If you have a good eye for art, you can start out small and make a million dollars.

74. Knitting

It’s fun, relaxing, and can lead to something so good that people will pay top dollar for it when it’s done.

75. Acting

You could start out doing community theater for fun and end up as a big star in Hollywood.

76. Making doll houses

Even though it may seem strange, many people will pay a lot of money for a handmade, artistic dollhouse.

77. Designing Hats

Make a hat for yourself, and then make hats for other people.

78. Making Cosplay Costumes

Not everyone who likes to cosplay has the skills to make their own costumes.
When it comes to these expensive hobbies, you have to spend money to make money. Before going on one of these trips, it’s a good idea to do some research because you don’t want to waste valuable resources, like your time and money.

The good news is that these can make a lot of money, so where there is a lot of risk, there is often also a lot of reward.

Here are six expensive hobbies that are worth spending money on:

79. Cooking

You can use your cooking skills to get a job in a restaurant or start a supper club right in your own home.

80. Bartending

Pretty skilled at making mixed drinks? High-end bartenders get good tips and have fun while they work.

81. You can buy, sell, and trade rare games.

There are many niche markets for both video games and board games.

82. Brand Ambassador

Are you famous on Instagram? Yes, you can! Build a following by sharing good content about different brands, and soon you’ll be ready for sponsored posts.

83. Art

Channel your inner savant and make some unique art!

84. Design of graphics

People who are good at business aren’t always good at art, so they need help making their product sellable.
People say that if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work again. These interesting hobbies are great ways to make money while doing something you love.

These hobbies are also very easy to start, and you may already be doing them. Many of the things you do on the side can be turned into a side job or even a full-time job if you’re good at it.

Here are 5 fun hobbies that can be turned into money:

85. Become a life coach.

Are you good with people? Market yourself as an expert in the things you know a lot about.

86. Houses are clean

Like to clean? Housekeepers make a lot of money without having to learn much in school.

87. Shopping for food

If you have little bits of free time here and there, use them to shop and deliver groceries! If you work at odd hours, you can make even more money and avoid traffic.

88. Mechanics for cars

You can not only make money with this job, but you can also save money as you learn how to fix your own car.

89. Blogging

Know lots about lots of things? Condense it and let everyone know what you know.
Not every way to make money doesn’t require money. There are many ways to make extra money without spending a lot of money.

These cheap hobbies may take some time, but they won’t cost you much money. Use your talents to not only make money, but also to help the people around you.

Here are four inexpensive hobbies that can help you make extra money:

90. Social Media Virtual Assistant

Now is your chance to shine if you know how to use Instagram or TikTok. Find a rising influencer and become their right-hand man. All it takes is a little guts.

91. Getting Kids Help

You can make money by helping parents teach their kids “new” math, either online, in a local teaching pod, or one-on-one.

92. Repairing Things

If you’re handy, there is good money to be made being a handyman or installer.

93. Comedy

If you have thick skin and a good sense of humor, you can have fun and make money at the same time while doing stand-up.


The beauty of hobbies, and especially hobbies that make money, is that you can try out more than one. If you don’t like the first one, move along.

If you’re not sure how to get started, read through our list of hobbies, then reach out to your community. There are plenty of friendly people out there who would be happy to show you the ropes. People who want to turn their hobbies into careers can find a lot of help on the internet. Spend some time looking at how other people are making money from their favorite things, and then add your own twist.

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