Peace, Fulfillment & Tranquility

To tell the truth, there are people who feel like they have not done enough in this world, and sometimes end up being depressed when they look at the achievements of their colleagues or former schoolmates. I believe that people forge different paths in life depending on their aggressiveness, resources available for them and their dreams. However, it is in the nature of mankind to wish to look back at old age, for example, while reflecting from that nursing home when you cannot move without help and say that you indeed did something worthwhile while in this world. I believe the best way to go out in this world is looking back at that moment when life is flashing right before your eyes and reflect on the good things you did in this world. I believe one of the things to reflect on was that good thing you did for a stranger or a helpless neighbor’s kid who will be left saying they wouldn’t have learned how to do something, or how to do it properly without your guidance. Even though they may not remember your name or face, they will most definitely remember that moment and exactly what you taught them. At this time in your death bed, find peace knowing you at least you did something worthwhile with your life when you were walking on God’s green earth. You wonder what I am talking about? Ask the people who are going back to school at an elderly age. In as much as we may get married and have kids at a young age when these kids grow up and leave for college, we are left with nothing to do; hence, the need to want to go back to school and study a course that will be meaningful and help other people. For example, nursing, in reality, what we are trying to find is fulfillment and inner peace. I believe that there are people out there who may never have the time or the opportunity to go back to school to do nursing or these courses at old age. Therefore, I say start doing what you love as early as possible, while you are still young. Teach your neighbors kids, teach your age mates, visit orphanages and play or paint with these kids, visit the elderly and do what they find fun and watch them light up like little kids and see their toothless gums all the way to the back of their mouths, and you will reflect on these things on your death bed no matter how old or young you leave this planet and move on to the next stage of life in peace. I can bet a dollar you will not be afraid of your time to go, as you will have fulfilled the duties you were entrusted with by your creator on this earth. You will have found your peace and tranquility as you shall have been a good example and a role model for many in the society. It’s all we leave behind after all; memories of the good we did in the society and our children. Make yours count!