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To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die

To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die

How am I changing the world? How am I changing or inspiring the lives of the people around me? Have you ever asked yourself these questions before? Truth be told, not all of us will get to invent something that helps advance the lives of mankind.

For instance, not all of us will get to help mankind be an interplanetary species like Elon Musk, invent Asprin like Felix Hoffmann, or invent electricity like Benjamin Franklin. Hell, not all of us will get to be Leonardo da Vinci.

However, we should all strive to do something meanwhile to look back to as our greatest contributions during our lifetimes here on earth.
Truth be told, most, if not all of us reflect once in a while and seek to determine how we are contributing to the advancements of our lives and those of the people around us. This reminiscing is even more intense on our deathbeds if all written research about what people go through on their deathbeds is something to go by.

At Hobbytwin, we believe that we can all have easier times during this time if we do meaningful acts in our lifetime to look back to when death finally comes knocking. We believe that as human beings, we are not looking for the meaning of life more than we are looking for the feeling of being alive, and that the best way to achieve this is through growing and giving.

Learn from the elderly before committing them to nursing homes

The most fulfilling feeling of all time is when you do something for a total stranger without expecting anything in return. We all want to grow so that we can give. At Hobbytwin, we feel that if we gave a little chunk of our time, maybe volunteered it to a neighbor’s kid who needs help with his homework, or maybe teach a fun skill to a neighbor without expecting anything in return, we can look back to these simple moments and find peace, fulfillment, and tranquillity in our final moments.

We are only encouraging you to teach people the skills or the activities that you find fun such as swimming, quilting, painting, baking, golfing, and playing an instrument among your other hobbies. There is nothing more haunting than regretting not doing something you could have done when you had the time.

Giving is not always in monetary terms; you can always share your greatest resource on this planet; your time. There will never be anything more fulfilling on your deathbed than knowing that you shared your greatest resource with your neighbors and/or your community helping advance the lives of the people around you even if it was just through your fun activities.

Even if you don’t get to invent electricity, the telephone, or starships taking people to other planets or other futuristic inventions, you can make your time here on Earth count by giving what you already know to your neighbors during your free time.

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