Learn from people, then bury them.

You can’t teach everyone but everyone can teach someone something

You can’t teach everyone but everyone can teach someone something

You can't teach everyone but everyone can teach someone something

You can’t teach everyone, but everyone can teach someone something. At Hobbytwin, we are firm believers that everyone desires to share their knowledge and pass it down to the next generation. It’s not limited to sharing with family members; we think everyone has something valuable to offer to the people and the community, even if it’s an unconventional skill like witchcraft.

We hold the belief that, despite living in the digital era, there is immense wisdom to be gained from our elders. Preserving their knowledge is crucial. Understanding the societal norms and values during their era is essential, and we acknowledge that cultural influences play a role in shaping biology, even though the exact mechanism remains unknown in the world.

For instance, even with all the advancements in technology today, it remains a mystery how someone can fall ill, seek help from the best medical professionals and institutions, and still find no cure, only to discover a remedy in an ancestral ritual. Is it a placebo effect or a psychological approach to these rituals? The reality is that such occurrences persist, with culture seemingly influencing biology, and the complete understanding of these dynamics eluding us. Amidst these uncertainties, various valuable skills can be gleaned from our grandparents.

For instance, many young individuals today may have never experienced simple activities like fishing or hunting, activities their grandparents or neighbors frequently engage in. Similarly, learning from peers about skills such as baking, painting, solving the Rubik’s cube, quilting, and more, adds to the array of knowledge one can acquire.

It is not to suggest that acquiring these skills is exclusive to having grandparents. We firmly believe that learning can occur from neighbors, friends (including those of the same age), and people encountered throughout one’s journey in the world. By doing so, you genuinely acquire valuable insights, which can be shared within your network of like-minded enthusiasts. Thus, you’ll have absorbed knowledge from them, potentially passing it on before bidding them farewell or vice versa.

Not even with the advancements in technology today we can fully explain how one may get sick, seek medical attention from the most advanced experts and institutions in the world, and find no cure, only to learn of a ritual from your great-grandfather, conduct the ritual and you get cured.

You can’t teach everyone but everyone can teach someone something

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You can’t teach everyone but everyone can teach someone something

Is it some sort of placebo effect or a mental attitude towards some of these rituals? Who knows? The truth is that these issues are still happening today, and culture is still controlling biology and no one seems to fully understand how it all works. Other than that, there are so many other skills that we can learn from the elderly in the society.

For instance, there are lots of young people today who have never even enjoyed a simple skill like fishing or hunting yet their grandparents or their neighbors go on fishing trips all the time. The same goes for learning from our age mates on skills like baking, painting, solving the Rubik’s cube, and quilting among many other skills.

Not to say that you can only learn these skills if you have a grandparent, we believe that you can learn from your neighbors, friends (including your age mates), and everyone wherever you roam in this world. If we did, we would have indeed learned something from the people we meet and can pass the skills along to our peers via the Hobbytwin network. We will indeed have learned from them before burying them and/or vice versa.

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