Free Skills & Free Education

Free Skills & Free Education. With Hobbytwin, you not only improve on the skills you already know but you also get matched with people around you who can teach you the hobbies you would like to learn or do at least once in your lifetime. It could be painting, playing an instrument, learning a foreign language, or swimming among so many other skills. Lest you forget, these people are your neighbors, classmates, or workmates as the app finds you matches from a 100-meter radius which is expandable to the radius of the earth. For instance, among college students, we noticed that classmates could teach each other all kinds of skills during their free time or when a lecture is canceled. Everyone you meet knows something you do not and your desk-mate could teach you skills like playing the guitar, painting, or professional skills like probability and calculus among many other skills. The Hobbytwin app only requires that you add the skills you already know and the skills would like to practice once in a while, and we shall find you, someone, to do those activities with. If you have a chessboard in the house, a Rubik's cube (speedcubing), or other games like Jenga, Monopoly, or Dungeons and Dragons, the app will find you matches within a 5-mile radius (most probably your classmates and other neighboring students) who are just as passionate about those things and you can do them together when free. Upon matching you could get together under a tree, on the rooftop of your building, or even in an empty hall and chess away. If you are into more physical activities like swimming, get matched and go to the swimming pool and teach each other all kinds of strokes and dives. If you are into sporting activities like soccer, through Hobbytwin you can find classmates and/or fellow students around you who are into the sport, with coinciding free schedules (synced to Calendar). Create a group (become a team,) through the app, buy a ball and get together when free, and play away. Come to think of it, the Hobbytwin app promotes free education in many ways as it only seeks to encourage you to pursue the skills you are passionate about. It also encourages the development of GRIT; the only real factor that determines if you are going to do well in life or not. It is not your background, race, color, resources, or even a high IQ level that determines if you are going to do well in life: it is GRIT! If you have a strong belief that you are going to make it and continue to push yourself hard enough, then seek to learn/master every skill in your path, you will find yourself believing that you can learn almost anything in this world. Soon enough that belief turns into 'I must do everything I can.' All you need to master any skill in this world is grit, which is almost the same as aptitude. Grit suggests unwavering determination and resilience; and the maximization of every opportunity that comes your way. How can we develop grit? By training our bodies and brain to want to MASTER EVERYTHING WE FIND INTERESTSING on our paths, no matter the activity at hand. You don't have to be a straight-A student in school, but you have no excuses for not doing the best that you can. You can only develop grit if you always do the best you can in every situation whether you are playing soccer, playing chess, or pursuing any other activity. You may not get it to perfection especially if it is something you are learning for the first time, but you should never give a subpar effort. Whatever you do, you must always give it your best. Jim Rohn, one of the greatest speakers of all time used to ask; 'How tall does a tree grow?' The answer; 'as tall as it possibly can!' He suggested getting into the habit of leaving everything better than you found it. If you get a job, leave it better than you found it. Everything you touch should become better than you found it, else your life will be like the fig tree in the bible that Jesus cursed for having no figs year after year and season after season whenever he came across it. This was one of the few times Jesus lost his cool in the bible, and this time he said, that if the tree does not produce any fruits, then it should be put down. How can we teach young kids to develop grit today? By challenging them to be always ready to learn everything around them, and strive to always give their best at whatever they do. They do not even have to start with complex skills such as probability or calculus, they can start with the simplest of skills; their passions and interests (hobbies and fun interests). At Hobbytwin, we believe that If you are not doing your best at whatever you are doing? That is time wasted! At Hobbytwin we already know and believe that "THE BEST TEACHERS ARE THE PEOPLE WE ARE LIVING WITH RIGHT NOW", and "EVERYONE YOU MEET CAN TEACH YOU SOMETHING YOU DON'T KNOW"; use the people around you to explore your free skills. Who knows, you might just become the greatest guitarist, swimmer, biker, chef, or painter in your town, city, or country. We might just discover the next greatest performers, painters, mechanics, or genius inventors of our time through Hobbytwin, and all for free.

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