Give to Charity

At hobbytwin, we believe that the greatest charity you can ever accord anyone is your time: It is all we have that is meaningful in this world. It is not money, power or influence in the society. All these things are man-made. As you teach someone a new hobby, you are adding real value not only to their lives, but also to your life. You could be giving them a new career option, leading them away from a path of depression, stress or evil, and also passing unto them mastered problem-solving skills among so many other advantages. So please feel encouraged to teach more than you want to learn. Do it with someone and spread more love, acceptance and a new friendly relationship. Besides, it is a hobby that you are already good at, you want to do it but you have no one to do it with? Why don't you take on an apprentice who is interested in learning exactly what you are passionate about? You like doing it right? Why not do is with an inquisitive student? This way you shall have companionship, make a new real friend, impact your knowhow of the skill to this party and get to enjoy the fulfillment that comes from watching them do the skill exactly the way you teach them. There is no greater feeling in the value. It is a the greatest win of all in the world.