Give to Charity

Give to Charity. Making giving painless and fun. At Hobbytwin, we believe that people are not looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the sense of being alive and the secret to living. The secret to living is giving. Looking at all the precious gifts we can give our family, friends, and/or those we hold dear to us, one gift stands out; time dedicated to sharing information and experiences. It is all we have that is meaningful in this world, and the most precious gift that balances the rich and the poor, the healthy and the sick, the meek and even the powerful. We are all just trying to buy more time on our deathbeds. It is not money, power, or influence in the society. All these things are man-made and, sadly, it takes us to be on our deathbeds to realize just how much time we waste chasing after vanity. That is why we believe that giving a few minutes or an hour to a worthy cause is at the helm of the greatest gift you can accord anyone. If you do not know how to give your life meaning, how about giving your time to teach someone what you already know and love? If you find it difficult volunteering at a homeless shelter serving soup to the needy or at a nursing home tending to the elderly, how about instructing a neighbor through what you already know? Think of it this way, if you took your time and taught someone a new skill or hobby, you would be adding real value not only to their lives but also to yours. It doesn't matter what skill you teach from your quiver of what you already know, as long it adds value to the other party. It could be playing the guitar, chess, and other board games, repairing bikes, painting, or any other skill the Hobbytwin app matches you up to do together. By doing so you would be giving them a new career option, leading them away from a path of depression, and stress, and also passing unto them mastered problem-solving skills among so many other advantages. Therefore feel encouraged to teach more than you want to learn. Do it with someone and spread more love, and acceptance towards building a new friendship or a meaningful relationship. Besides, it is a hobby or a skill that you are already good at, you want to do it but you have no idea who to do it with, especially if you just relocated to a new town, school, and or neighborhood. Why not take on an apprentice interested in learning exactly what you are passionate about and do it together? Download the Hobbytwin app, tell us what you like doing on your off days, or for fun after work, and let the app work its magic. You like doing it right? Why not do it with an inquisitive student? That way you get companionship, make a new real friend, impact your know-how of the skill to a new party, and get to enjoy the fulfillment that comes from watching them execute the skill exactly the way you instruct them to. There is no greater feeling! It is the greatest win of all in the world. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below, and recommend our app to at least three of your friends and see how many skills you didn't know your friends had, or you could have learned or explored with each other all this time.

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