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Explore and Pass down your fun skill to the younger generation

What if I told you that you can buy a person the whole world, but they are more likely to remember a skill you taught them over/other than all you have ever done for them?

You would not have to complain that you did anyone a favor, but they already forgot about it.

When you teach your neighbor a skill, not only are you educating them, but you are also giving them a career choice/option. You are making this person become whom they were meant to be, reach where they were meant to reach in their lives, and achieve their purpose on this earth. You are giving them a real community, a true family and a real friend.

Teach a person anything for free, and they shall forever be indebted not only to you but to the entire community. The only option they shall have will be teaching other people the same skill for free because it would not be theirs to keep in the first place; they also acquired it for free.

What skill are we talking about here? Hobby skills or technical skills that we find fun, and wouldn’t mind doing once in a while, but are played down in the society.

E.g. Gardening, wood-carving, baking, beadwork, fishing, cooking, planting trees/seedlings, harvesting fruits, riding a bike, repairing motorcycles, swimming,  etc.

According to Jack Ma, We have to change the way we think, and the way we teach. We teach our children things from the past 200 years, which are all knowledge based, and soon (in 30 years) the machines will outdo humans at every level of knowledge-based. We have to teach values, believes, and independent-thinking; things that make us human, things that machines will never beat us at.

In unrelated point, we have been programmed to think that in order to have a good life or make a decent living we have to first go to college, graduate top of your class, get a white-collar job, get married and start a family in that order. This is an outdated thinking and it is not true at all, and especially not in the outlined order. I believe that somewhere in there, in order to get that good job that allows you to be financially stable lies the secret to success in life; that skill that makes you unique. That quality that makes you stand out from the rest of all the people who apply to the same job you do. It is this aspect that gives you a peace of mind, assurance, and security knowing that you can rely on to put food on the table if all does not work out at the interview. To be this confident, you ought first to discover what that exact skill it is, if it is what you are really good at, and what makes you really good at it. Most definitely to be that confident that it is what you are really good at, you must have compared it with other skills out there and arrived at the conclusion that it is really the one. That is why we have to explore what we are good at because it is actually the technical skill that matters when it is all said and done. Thats what HobbyTwin is all about; allowing you to explore all skills within your geolocation, and you can the ones closest to you, and hopefully fore free, until you discover that one skill that does it for you. 

To discover ourselves and what we are really good at, we have to teach from outside of a classroom more so within our communities and neighborhoods. Make it fun by engaging others in what we love and are passionate about. Approach it like a hobby or something.

Think about this scenarios: There is an elderly woman who would like to bake a cake or cookies for her grandchildren, of her now married children living away from her, and she would like to surprise them during her next visit. Let’s even say it was her hobby and she would just like to do it again for fun or for the old times’ sake, but she is afraid of even suggesting the idea to herself because she is not sure if she pull it off alone anymore. She may also have no available relatives to do it with, or maybe all teenagers are already in college, or are not into that kind of a thing. What if there is a kid in the neighborhood who is completely idle or always online flirting away on her phone, but she has no idea/clue how to cook leave alone bake. What if this kid cannot even afford college and is not even sure of the next chapter of her life?

If only there was a platform that the girl could use to get off her lazy butt & learn something new, meet a new friend, acquire a new hobby, have fun and all for free? Think about it, this would be a win, win situation.

The elderly woman would get free help; bake her cookies, surprise her children and their kids with goodies, while the apprentice (girl) learns a new, yet a mastered skill and for free. Gets off her lazy fantasy world and starts being productive.

For the woman:

  1. a) Makes a new friend in the neighborhood who might even become her apprentice.
  2. b) Ensures the continuity of her skill.
  3. c) Have some good company, so manage lonesome illnesses for a while (stress, depression, anxiety, etc.)
  4. d) Gets to enjoy something she had almost forgotten; a passion or hobby.
  5. e) Gets free labor.
  6. f) Might also learn something new from the girl during this time given it’s a digital era.
  7. g) Fulfillment: she did something good in this world, and for free…So Charity!

For the girl:

  1. a) Acquires a new, mastered skill for free.
  2. b) Gets off her phone to do something constructive for an hour or two.
  3. c) Gets a new friend or acquittance in the neighborhood.
  4. d) The new skill might become a new career choice/hobby.
  5. e) Meets an actual person who might assist her in her job search or any other issue if the time spent leads to a friendship (become close) with the woman.
  6. f) Learns to interact with actual people and not online friends alone, addressing anxiety, laziness and lifestyle illnesses that might come up as a result of her choices.
  7. g) Actually, learns more than just baking from this person making her even cooler than she was before.
  8. h) Boosts her self-confidence/esteem. She will be answering “yes” instead of answering “no” when asked if she knows how to bake or do the skill acquired from her neighbor.
  9. i)
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