Learn from people, then bury them.

Learn from the elderly before committing them to nursing homes

Learn from the elderly before committing them to nursing homes

To discover ourselves and what we are really good at, we have to teach from outside of a classroom more so within our communities and neighborhoods. Make it fun by engaging others in what we love and are passionate about. Approach every skill you can teach like a hobby or something exciting that will invoke curiosity.

Look at it this way. Let’s imagine that there’s an elderly woman who would like to bake a cake or cookies for her grandchildren, of her now married children living away from her, and maybe would like to surprise them during her next visit. Let’s even say that baking used to be her most exciting activity, and she would just like to do it again for fun or for the old times’ sake, but she is afraid of even suggesting the idea to herself out of uncertainty if she can still manage to pull it off alone anymore. She may also have no available relatives to do it with, and maybe her nephews and nieces already went college, or are not into that kind of a thing. Now imagine that there was also a kid in the same neighborhood who is completely idle and has no idea/clue how to cook leave alone how to bake. What if this kid cannot even afford college and is not even sure of the next chapter of her life?

If only there was a platform that the girl could use to meet people in her neighborhood with potentially resourceful skills and learn something new, meet a new friend, acquire a new hobby, have fun and all for free? Think about it, this would be a win, win situation.

The elderly woman would get free help; bake her cookies, surprise her children and their kids with baked treats, while the apprentice (girl) learns a new, mastered skill for free. Gets off her lazy fantasy world and maybe even make a new friend.

For the woman:

  1. a) Makes a new friend in the neighborhood who might even become her apprentice.
  2. b) Ensures the continuity of her skill.
  3. c) Have some good company; so manage lonesome illnesses for a while (stress, depression, anxiety, etc.)
  4. d) Gets to enjoy something she had almost forgotten; a passion or hobby.
  5. e) Gets free labor.
  6. f) She might also learn something new from the girl during this time given that we are now living in a digital era.
  7. g) Fulfillment: she did something good in this world, and for free…So Charity!

For the girl:

  1. a) Acquires a new, mastered skill for free.
  2. b) Gets off her phone to do something constructive for an hour or two (Not idle for that time).
  3. c) Gets a new friend or acquaintance in the neighborhood.
  4. d) The new skill might become a new career option.
  5. e) Meets an actual person who might assist her in her job search or any other issue if the time spent together with this woman leads to a close friendship.
  6. f) Learns to interact with actual people and not online friends alone, addressing anxiety, laziness and lifestyle illnesses obesity that can be triggered by poor lifestyle choices.
  7. g) She learns more than just baking from her neighbor, and might even learn other skills from the woman such as quilting, painting or even book clubs. You can never learn enough from an old and wise soul.
  8. h) Boosts her self-confidence/esteem. She will be answering “yes” instead of answering “no” when asked if she knows how to cook/bake or do the skill acquired from her neighbor.

The benefits of such an encounter would be immense.

Don’t take that special skill you have to the grave! This is the best time to teach, and you live with the best people to pass it on to right now.  The best teachers are the people we are living with right now and so are the best students.


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