Promote unity in the society

Common interests; the way to promote unity in our neighborhoods

Common interests; the way to promote unity in our neighborhoods

The hobbytwin app matches you with people passionate about the same things you are from a distance of 100 meters. We have observed that people who live in urban centers rarely know their neighbors. Looking at the last two decades, rural-to-urban migration has peaked in the prior decades and we shouldn’t expect it to go back down. We believe that everyone you meet can teach you something you do not know; hence prefer to see all these migrations as ‘potential sources of skill’.

Not only are people migrating from rural to urban areas, but we also have urban-to-urban migrations and there are even more global travelers today than there have ever been in the history of mankind. At hobbytwin, we believe that since we already have everyone online today, instead of just scrolling and consuming digital content for hours that may not leave us better than we were when logged on to our gadgets, we could actually utilize this connectivity to actually learn everything we ever found fascinating. Due to these migrations, our neighborhoods are full of people from different cultures, and they can teach us things we never dreamt of learning.

Also, when you are a global traveler who just landed in a new city with no idea where to begin, people with common fun skills can help you get over the culture shock much quicker because you would continue doing the same things you used to do in your previous city. Also, this app focuses on matching you with people closest to you so you may already be familiar with them. Therefore, when matched by hobbytwin to do a certain skill together like maybe yoga, painting, playing chess, or lifting weights at your gym, it would kind of create a sense of trust and security

The best ways to meet new people, even your neighbors

Common interests; the way to promote unity in our neighborhoods

Since the app finds you matches from 100mtrs, by default your neighbors become the closest matches on the application and you can exchange skills, have fun, and sparkle new wonderful neighborhood friends out of common respect and skill. You can get together during your free time and exchange the skills you have in common, and by the time you are done pairing with the people within that 10o Meters radius, you would have already met all of your neighbors, and connected with them at a personal level.

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