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Get to know and connect with your neighbors through hobbies

Get to know and connect with your neighbors through hobbies

Urbanization and rural-to-urban migrations have brought people from all walks of life together in the cities. What we also can’t deny is the fact that we barely know who our neighbors in these cities are, especially right after we have moved into new apartments. Some of us have never even seen our neighbors as we or they always leave very early for work and come back very late at night. Also, we may never even notice when they are around, and vice versa is also true. This means that if there were any issues that were to happen around, given that we don’t know who each other, we may be conservative about helping each other out.

Get to know and connect with your neighbor through hobbiesWe might even find each other in trouble unawares and not help out because we may not even be aware that they are actually our neighbors. Hobbytwin eliminates such situations as the app matches you with your skill from a radius of 100 meters. This means that when you use hobbytwin, it allows you to know and exchange all kinds of skills with your neighbors developing real connection and respect on a personal level.This allows you to share with each other, build each other as well as the community around you. Remember you do not only have one neighbor, so you shall have all kinds of hobby skills at your disposal from that radius of 100 meters alone. The same thing when you relocate to different geolocation, and furthermore, don’t forget that this range is expandable to a 20km radius. I do not think you can exhaust hobbies within a 20 km radius in this lifetime

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People can also create groups of similar interests in hobbytwin and teach each other, or even carry out some sort of community teaching plans either concerning disease prevention measures or even showcase their skills like county fairs. Only this time they would be like “neighborhood fairs.” This integration would also go a long way towards preventing brainwashing and segregation from politicians such as race, color, tribe, or any other diversity aspects as you are the one who knows your neighborhood. You know your neighbor more than any politician or an outsider from another hood who only cares about divisive shenanigans based on race, color, tribe, clan among other nonsense. When you enjoy a fun skill with your neighbor, you teach them, and they teach you, you not only become hobbytwins, you become a part of an inseparable community.

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