Money making hobbies

Money-Making Hobbies That Will Make You Richer

Money-Making Hobbies That Will Make You Richer

Money-Making Hobbies That Will Make You Richer“If you’re good at something, never do it for free,” a movie character once said. Well, we say that you shouldn’t do something for free, even if you enjoy it.

You should enjoy your hobbies, but if you can also make money from them, that’s even better.

Actually, being able to make money through your hobbies should encourage you to do them more often and get better at them.

Play a Slots App for Free

There are many game apps that pay you to play them, either with real money or gift cards.

Long Game Savings is one of our favorites. It’s a free slots app that can also be used as a free savings account.

The more money you put into your savings account, the more coins you get to play slots and other games to win prizes of up to $1,000,000.

Play Mobile Games

You can also make money by playing games on your phone if slots aren’t your thing.

Mistplay is a free new app that gives you points for downloading games from the App Store or Google Play Store through its own interface.

As you get better at the mobile games, you earn more points that you can use to buy gift cards at Amazon, VISA, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple, Starbucks, and other places.

As a freelance writer

The number of people who like to write is going down, but there are still writers among us.

People might not write as much because others don’t like to read as much or don’t have the time.

But if you get paid to write, you’ll do it much more often because you’ll be getting something in return.

Starting out can be hard, so you should work on getting better at writing so that more people will hire you.

Create a Blog

Two things are good about making a blog.

First of all, you can write about anything you want, and as your blog gets more popular, you could make money from the ads that show up on it.

Second, you can use it as a portfolio if you want to start writing on your own.

A problem for many new writers is that they don’t have anything to show potential clients.

If you have a good blog where you can show off your writing skills, you’ll be able to get more freelance writing jobs for sure.

Click here to learn more about how to start a blog that will make you money.

Take Online Surveys

Companies want to know what you think, and they will pay you to do so.

Using Survey Junkie, you can take online surveys and collect points to get cash and gift cards.

You won’t get cash in your hand because it will be sent to your PayPal account.

Money-Making Hobbies That Will Make You Richer

Use your camera.

People buy expensive professional cameras because they love taking photos and capturing beauty.

Photography is a great way to make money on the side.

People will be able to look at your photos and buy them if they want to.

The more pictures you upload and the more people like them, the more money you will make. Photography is a great example of a hobby that can make you money.

Design of graphics

There are many designers in the world today, but only a few are good at what they do.

You could choose to make websites or even t-shirts. Either way, someone will need your help.

Instead of designing as a hobby and keeping your work to yourself, use it to your advantage and become a freelancer.

This will also make you want to improve your skills, since the stakes are now much higher.

One of the unexpected ways to make money from a hobby is to go shopping.
People don’t seem to know about this or use it enough, but there are a lot of apps out there right now that will give you cash just for shopping.

Rakuten (formerly Ebates) (formerly Ebates)

Using Rakuten, you can get cash back when you shop online at one of the stores they work with.

Don’t worry, because Rakuten works with more than 2,000 stores.

When you use their service to go to a store, Rakuten gets a commission. Rakuten gives part of their commission back to the buyer to make their services more appealing.

Ibotta is the app to use if you don’t like shopping online and would rather do it in person.

Just take a picture of your receipt when you’re done shopping, upload it to the app, and you’ll get a coupon or cash back in return.

That’s about as good as it gets.

Better Banking

Some people might find this hard to believe, but there are people who enjoy going to the bank and setting up their finances.

It’s exciting to know how your finances are doing, especially if they’re getting better.

Surprisingly, one of the best ways to make money as a hobby is to do better banking.

Chime is a new bank that doesn’t charge silly fees and has better services than most other banks.

Going Places and Hosting

Traveling is a hobby that people don’t do as much of because it costs too much.

With Airbnb, you can travel and save money at the same time. You could also run your own Airbnb and let people stay in your city.

This would be great for you if you like to meet new people and learn about other cultures without leaving your home.

Get rid of subscriptions you don’t need.

Maybe this is more of a way to get rid of old hobbies than to use current ones.

Your old hobbies probably came with bills and subscriptions that you no longer use or need.

With Cushion, you’ll be able to keep track of the things you’re signed up for and cancel the ones you no longer need.

Some of these subscriptions usually cost money every month, so if you cancel them, you’ll save money.


Want to make money with your hobbies? Well, all you have to do is look in your own backyard.

If you are good at gardening and have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your backyard or garden, you could sell the extras to friends and family or at a local market.

Just make sure you know what the rules are in your area because you might need a license to sell the food you grow.

Check out the Internet

Almost everyone wants to see this hobby on a list like this.

We all know how to surf the Internet like pros. In fact, we may waste most of our time on the Internet.

You can make money with Swagbucks by taking surveys, watching videos, and playing online games.

Swagbucks gives companies feedback based on your information and reviews. The companies pay Swagbucks for its feedback. In the same way, Swagbucks will pay you for what you say.

Money Making Hobbies That Will Make You Richer

Make a channel on YouTube

Videos are all over the Internet right now. In fact, it’s thought that by 2021, videos will make up 80% of the content on the Internet.

One of the best ways to make money online is to start a YouTube channel. Also, it’s a lot of fun.

It will take time to get started and build a fan base, but once you know what you’re doing, you’ll make a lot of money and get deals from big companies.

One of the best and most fun ways to make money is to start a YouTube channel and become a vlogger.

Get a job as a planner.

People today often have too much to do and not enough time or energy to get it all done.

Getting things in order can make the life of a busy person much easier. So many executives hire personal assistants because of this.

Having a plan for the week will make a person’s daily life so much easier.

As an organizer or virtual assistant, you can work online and get paid for it.

Use a Musical Instrument

Once you know how to play an instrument well enough, you can start charging people for your skills.

You could be asked to play at a dinner party or a wedding.

At an event, you could make up to $300 if you’re really good and get a good name for yourself.

It’s a good way to make money that won’t take up much of your time.

Invest in Real Estate

Investing money can be an interesting hobby, just like banking.

People think of fun things like swimming and reading when they hear the word “hobby.”

Still, some people like being in charge of their money and find it very relaxing.

Real estate is an exciting way to put your money to work.

But the money from this takes a long time to come in, so you’ll need patience, just like with most investments.

Get rid of your old books

If you thought that reading was a hobby that couldn’t make you money, you were wrong.

Your old books can always be sold. You can also sell your old school books when you’re done with them.

Check online to see how much used ones are going for and you’ll have a good idea of how much you can expect to make from selling them.

Put them up on eBay or Amazon so that people can look at them and buy them.

We know that some people don’t want to sell their books and would rather keep them, so don’t feel like you have to. There must be other ways to make money that are better for you.

Get to work on some handyman jobs

Like fixing things and being a general handyman?

If so, you can sign up for TaskRabbit and help people in your area with things like painting rooms, moving furniture, and more.

Most of the time, these jobs are best for people with some muscle power, and they will definitely help that person stay in shape.

Cut the grass and shovel the driveways.

To start doing these things, you don’t need much. You can just go door-to-door and offer help and leave your card.

This is especially profitable in places with a lot of snow because people will need help shoveling and will call you to do it.

It’s easy work that doesn’t require a college degree, leaves little room for mistakes, and pays well.

Set up a course online

If you stick with something for a long time, you probably know enough about it to teach others.

There are a number of websites on the Internet that let you use a series of videos on any subject to make your own course.

This is a great and very useful way to get more out of your hobbies.

Think of it as a way to get better at your hobby.

You’ll be surprised by how many people sign up for your course, and you might end up being one of the experts on that subject.

Just make sure that your course is well thought out so that websites will accept it.


You don’t know enough about technology to make an online course, or you don’t have time to record so many videos.

Don’t forget about tutoring the old-fashioned way.

You could teach one person or a small group.

This will make you money if people in your area know you are really good at something, like chemistry or literature.

As time goes on, the people you tutor now will start telling others about you, and before you know it, you’ll be everyone’s first choice for teaching that subject.

Get fit and lose weight

Doctors will tell you to lose weight because it’s good for your health, but has anyone ever told you that you can also make money by losing weight?

You can get paid by Healthy Wage to lose weight and take part in weight loss challenges.

The more money you win, the better you do. Some people won as much as $4,000.

You can sell things on your site.

This is like making a blog and putting ads on it to make money.

Your website doesn’t have to be a marketplace where you only sell things.

Just a few parts of your site or blog can be used to sell products that fit with the theme of your site or blog.

For this to work, your site will need a strong group of regular visitors.

Sell Avon items.

Love make-up? Just become an Avon representative and you can start selling cosmetics.

When you join Avon, you’ll have to start looking for people to work for you.

You make more money the more your recruits sell. Also, the people who brought you into the business make more money the more you sell.

Everyone wins, but it might take you a few weeks to get started as you find people to join.


People aren’t crazy about recycling in and of itself; they’re more crazy about saving the planet.

But you shouldn’t save the world for free. Even people who work for NGOs get paid.

Recycling glass bottles and aluminum cans can help you make money because you can get 10 cents back for each one.

It’s not much, but you might be able to use it to pay for the gas you used to collect items to recycle in order to help the environment.

Walk Dogs

This is one of the most fun ways to make extra money.

It’s also easy to start and won’t take much time or work.

Just offer to walk the dogs of your neighbors, and if you do a good job, more people will ask you to walk their dogs.

You can also join Rover to find money-making dogs to walk.

Surprisingly, this hobby could end up being a pretty good way to make money.

A hobby doesn’t have to be just one thing. Build on it and figure out how to make money from it.

But don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If making money through a hobby is becoming stressful, it may be time to stop.

It’s not like there aren’t enough ways to make money anyway.

What are your hobbies that make you money?

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