Money making hobbies

Crafting Hobbies that will make you an alternative source of income

Crafting Hobbies that will make you an alternative source of income

Crafting Hobbies that will make you an alternative source of incomeSome people’s hobbies are just fun things they do to pass the time or relax, but did you know you can also make money from them?

There are a lot of craft hobbies that can make you money, and the best part is that you don’t have to be very skilled or artistic to start.

48 Crafting Hobbies that will make you an alternative source of income

Here are 48 crafts that can make you money if you want to make more money or just want to try something new.

Hobbies that can give you another way to make money

1. Jewellery

Unique, hand-made jewelry is the best way to say “I love you.”

Handmade jewelry is highly valued and in high demand because of the fine craftsmanship and skill it takes to work with precious metals and gems. You can give a delicate trinket to someone special or buy yourself a beautiful piece of bling.

Making jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. If you use cheaper materials like glass beads, wire, and clay, you can still make beautiful pieces that won’t break the bank.

As you add more precious metals and gems, you can charge more for your skills and the quality of your products.

Here are some ways to make jewelry:

  • Charm bracelets and other small collectibles
  • Earrings made of clay
  • Necklace pendants and engraved bracelets

2. Bathroom and body items

The holy grail of handmade crafts that make the most money is making bath and body products.

They are easy and inexpensive to make, and people love to try new things, whether it’s a new scent, a new recipe, or just a little TLC for themselves.

Mega brands may be the most popular in the beauty business, but that doesn’t mean that small, independent craft businesses don’t have a place there.

Organic, homemade, and natural products are more popular than ever because people are learning more about them and want healthy options that make them feel good inside and out.

They are always in demand because they run out and can go bad, but there is usually a limit to how much people are willing to pay for a simple product.

By buying raw materials in bulk at wholesale prices and refining your crafting process, you can make a lot more money and a lot less work by making a lot of bath and body products at once.

Selling a lot of products through wholesale markets or retailers is a great way to spread the word about your brand and make sure your business has a steady flow of cash.

Having a unique product and a strong brand is the key to getting retailers to carry your goods.

Think handcrafted, organic, and natural.

Some popular crafts for bath and body items are:

  • Bombs for the bath
  • Organic lip balm
  • Body scrubs
  • Organic skincare Natural makeup


Ikea may be the best place to buy furniture for your home, but no one wants their house to look like an Ikea showroom.

Mixing it up with unique decor pieces from small craft businesses can give a room warmth and character.

Customers are willing to spend as much as they want on home decor crafts, which is a great thing.

Smaller things like candles and vases might sell for less, but custom rugs, wall hangings, and other furniture can easily go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The best way to make your craft hobby as profitable as possible is to keep overhead costs low and choose crafts that don’t need expensive tools. Making things in large quantities can also help you save a lot of money and make more money.

The home decor business is a big one, and here are some crafts that can make you money:

  • Clay or china Vases’s Lamps
  • Things like pillows, rugs, and throws for the home.
  • Wall décor (art, decals, signs, clocks)
  • Ottomans, coffee tables, and stools are all types of furniture.
  • Candles

4.Works of art

Making art products is a great way for crafters with a serious artistic side to show off their skills and style.

Making crafts is also a very flexible way to make money.

Art supplies can be expensive, and making art can take a long time. However, a lot of art, especially unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, can be sold for higher prices.

Another way to make money with arts and crafts is to use the art on different products.

You can find your own suppliers or use services like Society6 and RedBubble that let you print on demand. This lets you use the same artwork in many different ways without adding to the cost of the first production.

Some crafts that can make you money:

  • Paintings on canvas or art prints in frames
  • Paint-by-number sets
  • Postcards \sPosters \sMugs
  • T-shirts and other items of clothing
  • Carrier bags

5.Products for babies and kids

No one, especially parents and close aunts and uncles, can say no to a cute baby.

Baby and kid craft items are a goldmine for any aspiring crafter, but keep in mind that these products have a higher quality standard (eg, non-toxic materials).

Babies and kids go through clothes and other things very quickly, so there is always a lot of demand. Use these baby and kids craft items for baby showers, births, and other important events:

  • Bibs, rompers, and towels with names on them
  • Pacifier straps
  • Kits with things for kids to do Hats

6.Goods for pets

Like people who have babies, people who have pets are often willing to spend a lot of money on special things for their fur babies. Pet products are part of a growing, multibillion-dollar industry that is still pretty new, so there isn’t much competition.

Read this article about how to start a business selling dog treats (7 Easy Steps)

Some craft hobbies that make money are making pet products like these:

  • Pet things
  • Collars Made to Order
  • Homemade pet treats
  • Pet beds/pillows

Explore and Pass down your fun skill to the younger generation

7.Items for Weddings

One of the best places for crafters to start is with weddings.

Personal touches like engagement announcements, bachelorette party items, party favors, and wedding decorations really make a wedding unique to each couple and set the stage for a truly memorable event.

Some wedding-related crafts that can make you money are:

  • Name cards for each table
  • Wedding signboard
  • Favors made from the guest book

8.Sewn Things

Sewing is one of those life skills that, when used in a creative way, can lead to great crafts that can be sold.

Making things that are sewn can be anywhere from very easy to very hard.

If you want to make the most money and sales, spend most of your time and money on craft hobbies that are easy to sell and profitable but don’t take too much time to make.

Here are some ways to make money with sewing:

  • Scarves, headbands, swaddles, and cushion covers
  • Easy-to-do crafts that can make you money
  • If you’re new to crafting and want to start a business out of it, these easy craft hobbies are a great place to start developing your creative side.

They don’t require much skill and are almost impossible to mess up.

  • Sticker packs
  • Coasters with names on them
  • Cake toppers
  • Mask and eyeglass chains
  • Cheap Arts and Crafts
  • Crafting can be expensive, especially if you use high-end materials.

Beginners in arts and crafts should start with something that doesn’t cost too much to make.

When you’re more established and know what you’re doing with your craft business, you can choose to move up to better supplies.

Here are a few low-cost ways to make money:

Custom notebooks
Macrame crafts Placemats

Unique Craft Hobbies
Using your unique hobby as a business can be both good and bad.

On the one hand, it’s easier to stand out when you sell something that’s different. On the other hand, there may not be many people who want your product.

The key to a successful and profitable craft hobby is finding the right balance between being too specific and being just another craft business.

If you want a bigger creative challenge or are just looking for a unique way to start your crafting hobby, try one of these:

  • Enamel pins
  • Resin Bookmarks
  • Upcycled goods

Why selling crafts is a good way to make money

Arts and crafts are a part of a $40 billion market that is growing, and for a good reason.

More and more people are staying at home and realizing how important it is to have something creative to do.

People also want to add unique touches to their personal space, and crafts are one of the best ways to do that without breaking the bank.

With the rise of more discerning consumers who look for quality, authenticity, and care in a product, they also don’t mind paying a bit more for something that was made by hand and paid close attention to detail.

Everyone can make money from crafts. If you like making things with your hands or putting your own spin on things, or if you like to work from home, selling crafts is a great way to start a profitable side business.

You can make money from the comfort of your own home by selling crafts. There are a lot of crafts that both men and women can do to make money.

Crafting is a very broad term. If you make something with your hands, you can turn it into a money-making craft hobby.

For example, if you like to bake, you could try selling sugar cookies with your name on them.

Or, if you’re a carpenter, there are lots of ways to make money by working with wood.

How about making and selling coasters out of scraps and leftover pieces of wood?

Some people who can benefit from crafting hobbies are stay-at-home moms (or dads! ), students, freelancers, and retirees. Stay-at-home moms and dads can make money with art prints, eco-friendly home goods, or even decorative sculptures.

If “DIY” is your middle name, selling your DIY hobbies or projects could be a great way to make extra money or start an online business.

Making things doesn’t have an age limit either. Seniors can benefit greatly from retirement hobbies that make money because they keep their minds sharp and their hands busy. This keeps them from becoming bored and inactive.

What Hobbies Make the Most Money?

People who buy crafts usually want one of three things: something unique, something useful, or something beautiful. If you use these, your money-making hobbies will be on the right track to get a good share of the craft market.

Most of the time, crafts that can make the most money are those that can be made quickly and don’t cost much to make.

For example, knitting and crocheting might be cheap, but they take a long time to make, which means you can’t make as many things at once.

The following are some of the most profitable craft hobbies:

Crafts related to the seasons
In the same way, a great way to sell crafts that make the most money is to take advantage of the higher spending during holidays.

It’s also a great way to raise the visibility and awareness of your business by making sure your products are current and fresh.

Goods made just for you
When you can add your own touches to your crafts, they become much more valuable.

If you already have a good line of products, adding a “personalization” option will give you a bigger market and let you charge more for your products. You get more business, and your customers are happier because they get something different. Everyone wins.

Can you get paid for making things?

One hobby that can bring in good money is making things. To sell the things you make, you need to be creative, have a good sense of style, and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Still, it’s something that anyone can learn to do if they have the right attitude.

The best part about making money through crafting is that you don’t just have to sell the things you make. Why not teach people about your craft by giving classes or workshops?

As someone who has access to a lot of raw crafting materials, you could also start selling DIY craft kits or even the raw materials themselves.

You can also use your crafting skills to make posts for social media to get more people to follow you, which will help you make more sales. Above all, it’s important to be real and connect with your audience. After all, if they wanted something generic, they could always buy it at a chain store.

People buy crafts because they are made by people.

Where to sell your handmade items and make the most money

You can sell your crafts in a lot of different ways these days, and some of them are even free to start. Test the waters and get to know your market so you can decide if you want to focus on one sales channel or use more than one.

Social Media

Using social media is a great way to start selling the things you make for your craft hobby.

It’s easy to join and use, and it’s free. You can build your brand by sharing interesting and useful content with your customers and followers.

One problem with using social media as your main sales channel is that they aren’t usually designed as sales interfaces. This means that your customers might find it harder to look through your products and continue to checkout.

Blog or website for yourself

Setting up a store on your own website is a great way to be in charge of your business’s branding and give customers a more personalized experience.

Woo Commerce and Shopify are two of the most popular choices. To set up your own e-commerce store, you need to know a bit about technology, and you might need other ways to get people to visit your store.

Depending on how you choose to pay, the payment gateway provider may also take a cut of your money.

There are online markets.

Online markets like Etsy and Artfire are some of the most popular places to sell your crafts. An online store is easy to set up, and there are a lot of people who shop there.

Still, you will have a lot of competition, and you might need SEO and marketing skills to get people to notice your products. Also, online marketplaces usually take a bigger cut of your sales than brick-and-mortar ones.

Real-world markets

A physical marketplace, like a craft fair, farmers market, street bazaar, and so on, is a more traditional way to sell your crafts, but it still works very well.

Even though setting up a market stall can take a lot of time, work, and money, it is one of the best ways to sell your crafts, especially if they are unique.

Customers can see and touch the products in person at physical marketplaces, which is a great way to build real relationships with your customers.

Offer personalization services as a way to make money from your craft.

A huge number of people who buy craft items love that they can make them their own. This way, it will really be theirs! Think about offering personalization services for your products. This can be done with extras like stickers, calligraphy, or engraving.

Switch things up

If you can’t personalize, you might want to think about a “mix and match” approach. For example, you could let your customer choose the color combination and arrangement of the product they want. People like to feel like they are in charge and have choices.

Promotion and marketing

If you want to make money from your craft hobby, you need to be good at marketing. Word-of-mouth recommendations, reviews, good photos, and accurate descriptions of your craft product are all important parts of a strong product and brand.

Find out more.

Find out if there is a market for your craft hobby. If you are still deciding what craft to try, a simple Google search for “most profitable crafts to sell 2021” will give you an idea of the best crafts that make money.

Don’t worry!

Hobby jobs that pay can sometimes take the fun out of your passion, so make sure you don’t get so busy that your craft hobby stops being fun.


Most people don’t start a hobby because they want to make money from it, so it’s not surprising that more and more people are turning their hobbies into businesses to make more money.

Explore your creative side, and if you want to make money, why not try one of these craft hobbies? You might find a hidden talent or a new passion and make a lot of money at the same time.

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