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The Process of Self-Discovery and Self-Exploration through hobbies

The Process of Self-Discovery and Self-Exploration through hobbies
There are several reasons why we might be on a quest for self-discovery. For many of us, a change in identity or circumstance in our life leads to a greater understanding of who we are. when we are forced to pause and consider who we are and what we want from life
Finding a passion might help you learn more about who you are. Discovering your interests and relaxing activities is possible.
A pastime can also help you discover new levels of creativity, tenacity, and enthusiasm that you may not have even been aware you possessed.
Finding out what you like to do for fun is a crucial element of knowing who you are because leading a happy and healthy life depends greatly on having a hobby or other activity that can help you unwind or improve your mood.
Discover your hobbies by trying some new things, but avoid trying to adopt the interests of others. It’s not for you if you don’t like it. And determining this is a crucial step in self-discovery.
Additionally, keep in mind that it’s alright to quit liking something after a while and discover what you enjoy doing right now. Exploring other possibilities is a crucial step in coming to terms with the fact that sometimes you grow out of something or it was only something you loved for a short while. Starting a self-discovery or self-exploration practice can truly result in many wonderful life changes. Self-discovery not only compels us to recognize aspects of ourselves that may otherwise remain unnoticed or hidden from us, but it also enables us to identify our true selves or ideal selves. not the one we have developed in order to advance our careers or because it is what people anticipate from us.

Questions to ask yourself when you explore your interests

1. What do you enjoy doing the most?

2. What pastime or hobby do you wish you had?

3. What did you envision yourself to be when you grew up?

4. Where do you like to spend time outside the most?

5. Where do you like to hang out indoors the most?

6. How would you spend a day without obligations?

7. What do you want to accomplish before you pass away?

8. What pastimes do you intend to pursue in the future?

9. What is a special or uncommon skill you possess?

10. Why, in your opinion, are hobbies important?

11. What extracurricular activities in high school did you like the most?

12. How would you spend your time if you had unlimited time and resources?

What ability were you gratefully taught by someone?

14. What talent do you wish to impart or educate to others?

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