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Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter and Happier

Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter and Happier

Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter and HappierEveryone, as the saying goes, needs a hobby. Hobbies help us discover our interests and passions in life; examples include gardening, cooking, writing, skydiving, stand-up comedy, and sewing.

However, very few are ever regarded as fruitful hobbies, unless you belong to the select lucky few who can convert hobbies into a second profession… individuals who can use the abilities they developed in their hobbies at work to be more successful, effective, and content.

Check out this list of beneficial productive hobbies you might think about taking up if you want to pick up a new pastime and learn some skills that will improve your proficiency and productivity:

Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter and Happier

1. Cooking

One of the most useful pastimes available is cooking, which everyone should think about taking up.

Cooking forces you to be present and concentrate on the ingredients and procedures at hand. Additionally, it makes you think ahead.

In addition, with time and practice, you’ll become an expert at putting together meals in preparation for the next few days, which will increase your productivity even further.

2. Trekking

One of the classic “weekend” pastimes” for folks who enjoy taking lengthy hikes and taking in the natural beauty is hiking.

Studies have demonstrated the cognitive advantages of hiking. Hiking allows you to get away from your troubles and concentrate on the here and now, as well as giving you exercise to increase your physical health and stamina. This can help you be more productive.

3. The Arts

Although painting may not appear to be a particularly useful pastime, it may give you some fantastic perspective on life and help you explore your creative side.

You can express your innermost desires, feelings, and thoughts through painting, which can help turn them into something tangible.

Pick up a paintbrush and start painting; it might even motivate you to be more effective at work.

4. Artwork

Even in its most basic forms, sculpting can be a useful hobby and tool, but few of us are likely to reach the level of Michelangelo or Rodin.

By its very nature, sculpture encourages you to work with the materials you have and to pay attention to what you’re producing, even if it requires numerous small steps over time.

The ultimate end of sculpture also provides you with something; even though it may not be the kind of artwork or sculpture made by masters, it is still authentic because of this.

5. Composing

Writing in your leisure time is one of the most fruitful pastimes. Writing is a potent and significant form of self-expression that can help you focus your energies on a subject you find compelling and in which you can convey your ideas, aspirations, and desires.

Creating lets you tap into your creativity and helps you be as effective and healthy as you can be, whether you’re writing plays, articles, diaries, radio scripts, or other types of writing.

You don’t need to write a lot to get started; try keeping a writing notebook or writing 750 words every day instead: Write 750 Words a Day to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter and Happier

6. Exercise

For a sizeable portion of the population, running is the preferred sport activity for relaxation and exercise. It is one of the most productive hobbies out there and it offers beneficial advantages.

Running can help with any type of mental block by teaching you how to push through the same kind of mental hurdles and obstacles that are delaying you, in addition to improving your fitness levels.

7. Singing

In terms of productivity, dancing isn’t seen as a very significant activity. However, it starts to become more apparent in terms of productive worth when you look at the unquestionable amount of effort and attention that goes into the art of dance.

It is certainly worth thinking about adopting the compulsive routine learning that comes with dancing as a model for obtaining productivity in the small details of daily life. Dancing trains your focus into a series of practiced movements.

8. Yoga

Yoga helps you to shut off all outside thoughts and concentrate solely on your physical practice, making it one of the most effective hobbies you can fit into your schedule.

You put a lot of effort and emphasis into enhancing your physical health, mental clarity, emotional stability, and spiritual welfare. As a result, you’ll be more equipped and more effective in the future.

Even at home, you may easily give yoga a try: Yoga Positions For Novices To Detox And Maintain A Healthy Body In 7 Days

9. Mindfulness

Meditation has a powerful capacity for recharging. It enhances concentration and memory. Making simply 5 minutes a day to practice meditation will provide you energy all day long.

The best method of reducing stress and calming your thoughts and emotions is meditation.

Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter and Happier

10. Reading

One of the most popular hobbies and pastimes in the world is reading, and for good reason. Reading has a lot of advantages.

It is also a very productive hobby because you may work on it whenever you have free time or find yourself with nothing to do.

You may discover new habits, behaviors, and patterns that can help you be more successful with your time by reading research and studies about productivity.

In other words, reading can help you be more productive by helping you to learn how to do things.

11. Play Video games

Even though playing video games may seem like a waste of time, the roles and rules they provide might increase your productivity.

Focus, tenacity, trying again and again after failing the first time, teamwork, and cooperation are all encouraged by video games. Anybody who possesses these positive character traits will be more motivated and effective at work.

Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter and Happier

Health Benefits associated with having Hobbies in your life

12. Gardening

Is there anything that is, theoretically speaking, more naturally soothing than gardening?

In addition to being a fun and stress-relieving hobby, gardening is an excellent way to increase productivity.


You can unwind and rest while gardening, saving your energy for any stressful days that may lie ahead. Additionally, it teaches you how to simultaneously manage several projects (or, in this example, plants).

13. Knitting

Knitters are found throughout the world and for good cause. Knitting is typically associated with the elderly and a select group of Hollywood celebrities.

Knitting is a terrific tool for increasing productivity in addition to being a fun hobby and a chance to make the ideal gift for someone you love. It promises a concrete, tangible result for your efforts while utilizing the same multitasking and planning techniques as a modern office.

Additionally, according to scientists, knitting promotes emotional warmth and happiness.

14. Carpentry

Due to the intense concentration required to create your custom vision, woodworking is a surprisingly productive activity.

Building yourself the tools you need to make your life easier will, in turn, make you more productive and happier. Building something of your own out of wood, whether it’s a shelf, a spice rack, or even something more intricate or beautiful, can be a tremendous boost to your self-image.

Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter and Happier

15. Poker game

Poker is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and mentally taxing card games to play, although it may not appear like a particularly useful pastime.

Poker gives your mind a chance to relax while also exercising its logical and strategic muscles in a way that can aid in decision-making and help you concentrate on those crucial workplace objectives.

16. Acting

Although acting as a productive hobby is not to be sniffed at, it may not seem like the best method to increase your productivity to tread the boards at your neighborhood theater.

Acting requires you to reactivate memory skills that you might have otherwise forgotten, as well as creative skills like improvisation and the capacity to think quickly under pressure. As a result, you become more composed under pressure and more effective and competent.

17. Amateur radio

If amateur radio were a hugely common hobby, everyone would have a radio show or podcast available on iTunes. Amateur radio, however, can be quite productive in addition to being a terrific method to voice your thoughts and hone your public speaking skills.

When you write, perform, edit, and produce amateur radio, you develop talents and skills that will help you be as productive as possible. These skills include working with deadlines, coming up with original ideas and narratives, and knowing how to do your best work in a brief, creative burst.

18. Weightlifting

Bodybuilding may not appear to be a popular or fruitful pastime; after all, unless you’re a very ardent gym rat, you may have had little to no exposure to the discipline.

Bodybuilding, on the other hand, emphasizes developing core strength, control, self-discipline, and focusing on a single, important vision—all crucial techniques that may show to be incredibly useful and transferable in terms of productivity in other aspects of your life.

19. Swimming

Swimming is a calming, energizing, and incredibly beneficial and healthful kind of exercise. It’s a good technique to increase productivity as well.

Swimming may help you put all of your troubles into something useful, free your mind for more uplifting activity, and reenergize you after a strenuous session.

There are many physiological and psychological advantages to swimming, so there is no excuse not to visit your neighborhood pool.

20. Daydreaming

Okay, so perhaps the final one isn’t quite a “passion,” but it still has many advantages with frequent use and will increase your productivity if utilized properly.

Daydreaming sparks your imagination and enables you to examine concepts you had never even thought of, concepts that may turn out to be the answer you’ve been looking for.

A fast 20-minute sleep in the afternoon can aid with clarity, and memory retention, and help you become even more focused and productive as your batteries are filled, therefore it’s best if daydreaming leads to napping.

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