Become an Elite Problem Solver

How good are your problem-solving skills?

How good are your problem-solving skills?

How good are your problem-solving skills?Everything has a way of doing it. Every hobby presents a couple of challenges. Taking swimming, for example, there are a couple of swimming strokes one ought to master if one wants to master the art of swimming once and for all.

The front-crawl swimming stroke requires a swimmer to master and coordinate kicking, arm stroke crawling, and breathing, all at different intervals.

How good are your problem-solving skills?

For backstroke, you have to lift your waist to the water level, kick your legs, and coordinate your hands’ pull movements. For breast-stroke, you have to kick out your legs first, and as you close them, bring your hands to the chest and pull sideways and downwards in a circular manner. There is also a butterfly swimming stroke where you swim on your front and lift both arms forward at the same time while your legs move up and down together like a whale tail.

This is just one hobby; swimming. You have to overcome all these challenges for you to become a good swimmer. What this tells us is that every hobby has a way of doing it, and the more hobbies you do, coupled with your education at school, the more skills you accumulate to help you tackle any challenges that life may send your way.

Hobbies that will make you a smarter problem solver

The more you learn to solve the challenges presented by your hobbies for example chess, puzzles, running, and driving among many others, the more you train your body and mind to develop a problem-solving attitude. Your interests help you develop a problem-solving mindset that keeps you going even when your body is telling you to quit.

Once you develop the mentality that you can solve almost any challenge you set your mind to and stick to it, you are not only on your way to wealth, but you are also on your way to a very healthy lifestyle. This also means that with such a mindset you become an elite problem solver, and are better positioned than most people when it comes to tackling any challenges that may come up in real-life situations.

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